A New Walk; NATURE!

No cinderblock walls?

So I have been going for walks around the neighborhood (getting used to the air) and the trails that run throughout it. It’s so much different than the deserts of Southern California! Let’s first take a look at my favorite place to walk (because it was as close to nature as I could get without a 40 minute drive) where I used to live and the type of wild life I would see;

In the desert and badlands of SoCal, everything wants to kill you; spiky, thorny, poisonous plants, animals with sharp teeth and claws, even the rocky and dry landscape! Now let’s look at my new walking path and the animals that I see everywhere.


I REALLY wish I still had a zoom lens, I only have a portraits lens right now so it’s not so great for capturing wild life. I’ll pick a new one up in time, I need one out here! There are so many birds! Birds that we didn’t have in SoCal but without a zoom lens there is no way I could get a picture. So, based on these pictures, can you see a difference in the quality of life here? What do you think it will do to my health in time??

4 Responses to A New Walk; NATURE!

  1. Squirrel!
    Nice pix! It looks beautiful there!

    • LOL! I like all the BUNNIES! They are EVERYWHERE! And it really is beautiful, such a step up from SoCal if you ask me! When I get a place of my own, you will have to visit depending on our life circumstances haha

  2. I think it was a great idea to move there!

    You could catch one of those bunnies and eat it 😀 We used to have rabbits, and they are quite tasty!

  3. lol no…. no eating the bunnies haha!

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