I Disapeared Again; Been Getting Ready to…

Hey everyone! Yes, I disappeared again but I assure you I am still alive! Here is the thing; I have been so busy! With what you ask? Well let me tell you.
In April I went to Colorado to visit some family and an old friend. I loved it there! While we (Moreno Valley, CA) have been in the 100’s (37’s C) the parts of Colorado I was in have been in the 60’s (15’s C) all the while raining, hailing, and sometimes even getting some light (but mushy) snow! While I was over there my Uncle and Aunt invited me to stay over there for the summer or “as long as I want” so I could escape this debilitating heat! I told them I would have to think about it, I hate feeling like a burden, I am not good at asking for and receiving help, but by the end of my week there my mind was made up! 
In an area where summers are on average in the 80’s (26’s C)and sometimes hit the 90’s (32’s C) I will accomplish so much more when it comes to setting my life back up than in an area where the average summer temperature is 110 degrees (43.3 C). I plan on getting a job so I can be done with SSI (benefits), get a new car of my own for the first time in over 4 years, save up, fine tune my credit, and get a place of my own out there; oh yeah, when I make my move I will spend a week on a juice detox diet, clear my system, and start eating really healthy while working out on a daily basis. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for so long and now I am being granted a chance, I am so thankful that my Aunt and Uncle are letting me stay with them and my two cousins! It’s going to be great!
So I have my plane ticket; I fly out on June 16th, the day after my mother officially graduates school for Occupational Therapy! I have been selling off everything I own, packing what I want to take with me, packing what will stay here in storage till I can pick it up later (after I have my own place), and all the other fun stuff that comes with a large move like this. So that is why I have not been blogging, I have a lot on my plate! 
Most importantly I am in the process of sending over all my medical records to the Rocky Mountain MS Center so I can hopefully have a smooth transition to a new doctor and not miss a treatment of Tysabri. I am really nervous about this because it took me years to find a doctor I am happy with; a doctor who knows more about Multiple Sclerosis than I ever will. I am worried I will get a doctor who knows just what the textbook taught him and will get all defensive when I express the fact that I actually know a LOT about MS… Fingers crossed…
So yes, I move out June 16th! That is when I get to start a new chapter in my life! I really want to build a strong foundation so what ever I decide to build on it will not fall horribly apart.
On another note, something I wanted to do before I left California was go out into the middle of the desert where you can see thousands of stars and take a really good photo I could show people in Colorado to kind of say “look how in the middle of nowhere I was” (haha) so I went a few weeks ago with a friend of mine so I could get this photo done. It was very last minute and I did not prepare like I should have. It was crazy windy (I have been out there and seen the wind blow RV’s over) and the moon was so bright you could see you shadow! So it was a horrible night to go, you couldn’t see any of the stars in the pictures I took because the moon was blowing them out. Below is a time lapse video of the stars before my camera unexpectedly died. As you will notice, it is not a steady shot thanks to the wind…
Someone thought it would be a good idea to put these out there but not secure them…

I did some research and found out that on the 28th there will be a new moon, the last one before I leave. This means the moon will not be in the sky because it will be following the path of the sun. So no moon light and no light pollution from cities (I’ll be kind of far out). I will be able to see the Milky Way! I am going to have EVERYTHING prepared before I go so I can find a spot, park, pull my camera out, and start shooting. Ill have it set up to keep shooting while I sleep so hopefully I get the picture I have been wanting since this might be my last chance!

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  1. Joey says:


  2. BillyJack says:

    Matt congrats – I wish you well. I know this is a big step for you. If I can ever be of assistance let me know(Had MS for 15 years). I check in on you now and then. I just spent six months recovering from a spell of dizziness – finally feeling good again. I am finally training for a fitness competition in the fall(been training constant, but dizzy spells kept it to a minimum. I have to limit my Cardio, which makes it tough. I used to train for size and strength, now I train more for total fitness. But it has been a tough road, but having a physique that 99.9 % of non – mser's don't have is possible, tough but I am getting there. You have a great mentality towards this battle – anything is possible, keep it up!

    P.S I have done just like you, many things people said I couldn't accomplish. Finished my Masters degree last year – 2014 is going to be my first competition. Take care brother!
    Billy Jack

  3. Feels good doesn't it? Doing something someone looked you in the eye and told you that you could not? Love it haha! Masters? What in? Congrats! And man, the physical stuff… Going to be "fun" starting a new routine. I had to stop the old one once the heat rolled in to SoCal and I can feel it everyday, I feel so… RUSTY after just a few months!

  4. BillyJack says:

    Yes, It does feel good! Got my MBA – I did have those brain fog days, so I had to study more than most…But finished in the top five of my class, which no one but people with disabilities can really understand how important it is for us to try to keep up or do better than the "normal people." I remember thinking to myself 4 years after I was diagnosed that there was no way I could do it, but I have learned how important it is to believe in yourself and your body – positive thinking and attitude is just as important as our medicines. I can't wait to hear how you do in CO! I will be in Denver next month, such a great place. I know the altitude and cool air will help. I have some tricks – I have learned with lifting and keeping fatigue down, but I still have those days where I don't step foot in a gym. Look forward to seeing an update soon! – Brad

  5. Yes, that is very impressive. I have a fortune from a fortune cookie that I kept (well it's packed away right now) and it said something like "the greatest pleasure in life is doing something other's said you can't" and I am sure you can agree, THAT IS SO TRUE! I always had that pinned above my desk so I could look at that for motivation haha.

    Yeah I really loved Colorado and I am sure this will start a completely new chapter in my life. I am really sensitive to the heat so leaving the desert where summer temperature are a daily 110F+ will help so much! And yeah, I have developed many "tricks" for staying relapse free and avoiding any heat is one of them haha!

  6. BillyJack says:

    Matt wanted to ask you. What did you think about LDN? I am still undecided… I believe it maybe helps a little with spasticity and libido, but I think it is harder for me to fall asleep. I also swear it sometimes makes my calves numb.

  7. You know, everyone is different, some people swear by it. I have been on it several times and never saw any difference good or bad but that is JUST ME, that does not mean it doessn't work great for someone else.

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