Checking In; Got That Star Trail Photo!

Hey everyone, just checking in! 2 weeks till I move, so I have been really busy. I finally got my medical records transferred to TheRocky Mountain MS Center in Colorado and I have an appointment with a neurologist (a neurologist whom a friend of mine used to see and a neurologist who is apparently really nice and sympathetic) so that is such a major relief. I have been stressing over this for weeks!

Remember how I went out to the desert recently to try to get pictures
of the sky and it didn’t really work out? Well I studied up on it,
found out when the new moon was, and made a second (more prepared)
trip out there to give it one last go and I think I pulled it off…
You tell me. Here is the final shot I got;

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Been Hot and I’ve Been Busy

I have not wrote in a long
time and I am sorry for that. I have been really busy and it’s been
so hot! The other day was 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius)! It’s
been making me so tired, I feel so heavy, sluggish. Sometimes I get a
pain in the tops of my hands between each tendon and sometimes I can
barely keep my balance. I can feel that I am way worse physically now
than I was a couple months ago, amazing.

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