Acthar and an LP Today

Today I started another round of Acthar to try to give me that little “boost” I need here in there along with the Tysabri I take. Now that I have a little fridge in my room it’s nice because I have everything I need for my injections right here in my room and I don’t have to walk to the kitchen to get my meds which are either buried behind mass amounts of food or covered in butter from trying to keep it in the butter compartment (to avoid loosing it) haha.

I have my yearly LP (lumbar puncture; AKA spinal tap) today and even though last time I followed the advice of my awesome (I am not being sarcastic, he really is awesome) neurologist I didn’t really get a head ache, I am taking extra precautions because I can’t afford to be out for more than 24 hours right now, I have so much computer work I am trying to get done! So I have my bed ready for me to lay down and rent a movie, I have plenty of water, a lemonade, Norco, Ibuprofen, and Restoril to knock me out early so I can sleep all this off. I have everything within arms reach of my bed so the only time I really will need to get up and move is to use the restroom. So if I get the dreaded LP headache then the universe has just singled me out for torture haha…

So with that I am off to get a few things done before I go to my procedure, wish me luck!

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