A Dream Within a Dream… Flare Up?

have always had pretty weird dreams… Weird as in the “presentation
not just the content. “How
I have these dreams”, “How I see
these dreams”, I am not sure how else to put it. Here is a simple
example; sometimes I have dreams (like most people) where I am the
focus of the dream, I am the “main character”, wether it’s
“normal” me or “spiderman me”. Sometimes however I have
dreams like my consciousness is watching a film in which I am in no
way shape or form involved. I can’t effect the course of the dream, I
can only watch and see what happens. Third person not first person,
make sense? My friend Rodney and I started labeling some of the weird
dream phenomena we experience as “dream logic” like when for an
entire dreams one of the characters in it (let’s say George) all of a
sudden becomes “Lillian” and that is not weird to anyone
in the dream, it’s like it was always that way; Dream logic. This
just scratches the surface of the way I dream but for now that is all
you need to know.

night I fell asleep early, I was not feeling too well. I had a photo
shoot earlier that day and it got pretty warm; It was probably about
80 degrees Fahrenheit heading towards 90 (about 30 Celsius) around
the time I left and we were on a football field with that fake
plastic grass which absorbed and amplified the heat of the sun.
Stepping onto that field you could immediately feel the temperature
rise as if you stepped into an oven! I think I over did it… So
sleep is what I needed, sleep is what I wanted.

had all sorts of weird dreams, most of which I can not remember, but
I know towards morning time I started tripping out, I was
experiencing the “dream within a dream” phenomena. So, this is
what I remember and how I remember it; I was asleep in that “half
awake, half asleep” stage where the stimuli (such as sounds) of the
world around your sleeping body start making their way into your
dream world. In the dream I felt as though I could not breathe,
something was blocking my airway, I started panicking which woke me
up. Now I was awake with my pillow over my eyes and my arms all
tangled in my blanket. I could not breathe. I needed to get help. I
tried to get up but the lack of air was rendering me weak. I could
not even push the pillow off of my face let alone untangle my arms. I
was laying there expecting to pass out but I was able to force air
into my lungs past what ever was blocking my throat and start
breathing again. I laid there feeling relieved.
mom stopped by my room to say good bye on her way to work so I told
her what happened. She asked me why I didn’t just text her for help?
I told her my phone was all the way on the other side of my room and
trying to get up and open the door seemed easier than trying to get
up, make my way to my phone, unlock it, and text her. This really
made me consider the “safety” of my bedroom set up as I continued
to lay there in bed staring at the ceiling.
woke up again.
time to the sound of my alarm. I got up, fed my fish, and realized
that I felt like crap. My body was aching, my muscles were sore, and
my skin was tender. Was this from the heat yesterday or did I catch a
bug when I stopped by the hospital to use the restroom?So I crawled
back into bed… I dozed back off… This always leads to really
weird dreams (going back to sleep) and of coarse I had one. It was
weird but interesting enough that despite the fact that I could hear
my dog barking to be let out to go to the bathroom I didn’t want to
wake up.
this dream I was watching from a third person perspective, like
watching a movie, I had no control or influence over it. It took
place in the western territory of the USA in the 1890’s or so; cow
boy days. The main character was Dexter from the TV show “Dexter”
but it was not the same character, just the same actor. His sister
was 13 from “House” and the town they lived in was under attack
by a “Predator” alien. This dream took place at night and there
were always cowboys on horses riding around with torches trying to
find the invisible Predator. I know they were evacuating the town on
a train guarded by many men on horses and the Predator was attacking
the train. Then the attacking stopped. A few minutes later the train
start screeching to a stop. The conductor managed to see something in
the dark that no one else noticed. The bridge they were about to
cross had been destroyed which of coarse meant that if he had not
stopped the train they would have all fallen to their deaths into a
deep canyon. The Predator had them cornered and “Dexter” was now
trying to come up with a plan as he argued with his sister.
I woke up. That dog really had to go to the bathroom and apparently
my brother doesn’t feel he should have to get up to let her out since
I am already down stairs.
that was my night. I got my day started and I still don’t feel great
so I am thinking I pushed myself too far yesterday. This greatly
depresses me… I can’t do another summer in the desert, I can’t do
110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) when just 75-80 F did this to me! What to
do what to do… Well, for now, one day at a time, and today I need
to process those portraits because I want to have them ready for my
customer by tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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