A Dream Within a Dream… Flare Up?

have always had pretty weird dreams… Weird as in the “presentation
not just the content. “How
I have these dreams”, “How I see
these dreams”, I am not sure how else to put it. Here is a simple
example; sometimes I have dreams (like most people) where I am the
focus of the dream, I am the “main character”, wether it’s
“normal” me or “spiderman me”. Sometimes however I have
dreams like my consciousness is watching a film in which I am in no
way shape or form involved. I can’t effect the course of the dream, I
can only watch and see what happens. Third person not first person,
make sense? My friend Rodney and I started labeling some of the weird
dream phenomena we experience as “dream logic” like when for an
entire dreams one of the characters in it (let’s say George) all of a
sudden becomes “Lillian” and that is not weird to anyone
in the dream, it’s like it was always that way; Dream logic. This
just scratches the surface of the way I dream but for now that is all
you need to know.

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