Yearly MRI and LP Went Well, IVIG Started

So I totally forgot to mention that I had my yearly MRI of my brain and spinal cord done on Friday, February 28th. Just routine stuff for me although when the technician pushed the contrast material into my IV I think he pushed it a little too fast because he blew a vein and it burned so bad! I used to think solu-medrol hurt when the IV infiltrated but that is NOTHING compared to the contrast material! I felt like I had my hand in ice water and then hit my finger tips against cement as hard as I could (I have never done this I just imagine), it was so painful! Then when I had just 7 minutes to go the MRI machine had a glitch so they had to reboot the whole thing which took about 15 minutes… So I laid there, my arm in pain, waiting for it all to reboot so I could finish my last 7 minutes. So That was fun…

The LP (Lumbar puncture; AKA Spinal Tap) on Wednesday went much better! My neurologist is such a pro; he says his LP’s are “better than sex” lol! He felt for the right spot with his fingernail, numbed me up, and finished everything before I even realised that we had started; NO PAIN! Then he laid me down for a while, they drew blood, and I was done! As soon as I got home I laid down in bed and started drinking tons of water while I watched a movie (Thor; The Dark World – it was… entertaining I suppose… I am still all about Ironman!) and 24 hours later I was up and moving putting together a bench I had just painted. A few days later and still no headache! I went for a walk this morning and tomorrow I will resume my much needed stretching and exercise as I have been in so much pain the last few days from laying around and sitting at the computer!

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