I Don’t Usually Drink BUT, Last Night…

I don’t usually drink, I could never get drunk or even buzzed no matter how much of any type of drink I drank. Because I am not all that fond of the taste of most alcoholic beverages I just don’t drink! . Last night I was hanging out with some friends with the intention of playing cards. We all sat down. 1 person was not drinking anything and another was having coffee. Not sure about one person but two others were having rum and pepsi, the thing I really like as far as taste goes. I had the choice of coffee or rum. Coffee… Or rum… I knew I should have took the coffee but after my last few weeks, I really wanted a drink even though it does nothing for me. And yes I know, Monday, don’t judge me haha! I downed my first glass and poured a second before everyone else finished their first. What ever right? It’s just liquid! Nope! All of a sudden I started to not see strait, I felt funny, what was this? Getting drunk? ? No… That never happens! I kept drinking, this was a rare phenomena for me and I wanted to see what it did to me and my dark passenger
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I Went Out Late; Be Good MS!

So I am a morning person. I wake up around 5:00am well before my alarm goes off. I have always been a morning person and I like it. There was a brief period of my life where I went and stayed out late into the morning but those days ended around the time I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My dark passenger seems to punish me if I stay up too late so I am usually in bed around 9:00pm.

Last night I went out with a friend around 10:00pm, well after I am usually fast asleep. I knew because I was driving (and if I got pulled over while sober as can be I would not pass any sort of drunk driving test) that I should not drink. I don’t drink usually but after the last few months and all that has happened? I really did want one but like I said, I was driving and because I never know how alcohol will effect my MS (sometimes horribly but usually not at all in fact, I have never been drunk and not for lack of trying) I prefer to drink in the comfort of my own home just in case so no drinks for me! My friend did all the drinking and it seemed like she needed it more than me haha…
I stayed out till about 2:00am and felt fine! Well… I sort of cheated… otherwise I would be asleep at the wheel. I drank super strong coffee about and hour before I left the house so I was wide awake and sort of afraid I would not be able to sleep when I got back home! What would this do to my MS? Would my symptoms flare up in the morning? I popped a Temazepam (sleeping pill) and knocked out pretty quick. I actually slept pretty well. Now Usually I am in bed around 9 and up by (let’s say) 5:30am; 8 and a half hours. I went to bed around 2:00am and of coarse still woke up at 6:00am… I stayed in bed till 8:30 but even still that is only 6 and a half hours. I was so worried about my MS… I had a cup of coffee to start my day and now at 2:30 I still feel fine! Very surprised!

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