Spasticity – Muscle Tone, Stiffness, Tightness,


What is Spacticity? Spasticity is the feeling of tight muscles, usually in the legs but it can affect any part of the body. It is considered an increase in muscle tone (muscle tightness) and there are two types of spasticity that are common among . Flexor; involves the hamstrings in the upper legs and the hip flexors (muscles at the top of the upper thigh). Extensor; involves the quadriceps and adductors (muscle on the front and inside of upper leg).  Spasticity can cause painful spasms, lower back pain and joint pain. It can also affect your gate (the form of how you walk) because if your legs are stiff and rigid then you probably will not be able to take a simple step the way you are supposed to be able to. When muscles are spastic, everything obviously can feel rigid or mechanical and some people may not be able to even bend their limbs at all! Imagine waking up and feeling like you could only move as much as a wooden sketch mannequin; that is kind of what spasticity feels like to me. Most people with MS who complain about spasticity (in their legs) say it feels like they are “walking on stilts” and I would have to agree.
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Myoclonus – Some Simple Klonopin

Who would have thought? Some simple Klonopin (Clonazepam) would be all it took to make such a huge difference in my life?

I have complained in the recent past of a noise sensitivity I have developed; loud and sudden sounds like a balloon popping or the sounds of glass dish ware clashing together make me jump. I am alone in a quiet room when someone walks in undetected behind me and says “Hey Matt” causing me to literally jump; nearly convulse for a fraction of a second! My heart drops below my sternum and I wonder “what is this”.

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If You Don’t Use it You Loose It

A little over halfway through
February of 2014 and I am just posting on my blog for the
first time since December 25th of 2013. Why? Where have I
been? Well… here… but not here. I needed an “MS break”, a
break from my life with MS, a break to try to focus on me
and starting a new direction towards a new life. Also, a little break from social media and
blogging, I couldn’t stand to spend another minute on the
computer! I needed time to think, time to figure out what the next
step of my life is going to be but before I get into that let’s do a
little reflecting.

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