Fitting Back In With MS at Court

Today was a waste of a day and not in the typical sense that I was tired and just laid down all day. No, I was busy, busy getting nothing done! On New Years day I got a speeding ticket but not because I was drunk or hung over from a late night partying like everyone else. I had to take a friend to the emergency room and was on my way to pick him up. I know I had to stay calm and not speed but I reached a stretch of highways 5 lanes wide on each side and nothing but dirt around for miles and miles. No reference point to gauge your speed besides other cars around you and your speedometer. Since I was looking out for drunk drivers on the road and not staring at my dashboard I used the other cars around me to gauge my speed. “Always make sure someone is driving faster than you on the freeway so THEY get pulled over and not you” is the advice I have always followed. But guess what? If you were a cop and saw a Mustang driving over the limit and a Corolla going just a bit faster your going to choose the Mustang. More of a chance it’s some punk kid driving like some fool, right?

So I get pulled over and I quickly explain my situation. Long story short I could tell he thought I was full of crap and just trying to get out of a ticket so he walked to his bike, wrote me up, handed me the ticket, and simply said to call 911 and have them help me. Then he drove off. I ignored his so called “advice” and proceeded to pick up my friend and got him to the hospital.

All is well there but today I had to show up to court soon after physical therapy to address the ticket issue. I have not been to court in a very long time and I forgot that if you don’t show up an hour and a half early you’ll be standing in line for 3 hours. Behind/next to me is a couple with a baby that would not stop crying! Screaming! Throwing his bottle at my leg! The line was moving so slow! Took me a little over an hour to move maybe 15 feet! The clonazepam really helps my noise sensitivity but it has not cured it! I was going nuts! Then Mr. bad-ass officer steps out, right in front of me, and screams at the top of his lungs like a wanna-be drill sergeant about which line is for what. He was so lucky he was a cop because to anyone else my reaction would have been much different… Even so, I have to admit, I did not jump like I would have if I was not on Clonazepam.

I get inside and so started the maze of a line that makes the DMV and Disneyland look like the happiest places on earth… oh wait… look like… the lines… go really… fast… You know what I mean. Another hour and a half in I hear some stuff about some computers in the corner where you can do stuff yourself. What could you do? The sign answering this question was too far for my stressed out MS eyes to read, So, not wanting to loose my place in line, I waited another half hour till I could read the sign, “Schedule a court appointment to contest ticket” (or something like that) so I ducked out of the line to take care of what I could have done right away without waiting hours in line killing my legs (standing in line with MS is much more difficult than I remember it being without MS) and back. After playing with it for a while and talking with a clerk I found out if I wanted to contest the ticket and see a judge I had to pay the full ticket now and if I get the charges dropped I get the money back later. I don’t have that money now so I got an extension and will set up a payment plan. Evil… They do that on purpose because they know no one can afford to contest a ticket and if they could they would probably get off which means the court looses money. What ever.

So my legs hurt and I feel tired so I really just want to lay down but I REALLY don’t want to give into the MS fatigue because I am not exhausted to the point that “for my own good” I need to stop, no, my legs just hurt. I need a massage lol! Anyways, I am just glad to not have the “what if” hanging over my head. I know how much I have to pay, I know I can afford it, so I just have to work it into my budget. It doesn’t look like it will effect my plans to get a new computer in a week or two since this one has a broken screen and only works with an external monitor now. I am selling an old lens of mine and with the money from that and the rest on credit I can get one which I will need for some speaking opportunities that are hopefully coming up and plus, it’s nice to be able to go somewhere like a coffee shop to read and write.

2 thoughts on “Fitting Back In With MS at Court

  • April 28, 2014 at 5:44 am

    Hi, this is Caesarinne Sprianu from the MOT department at Loma Linda University. I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for your time spent with us in class. I had not been exposed much to MS before, so it was very insightful and knowledgeable. Your blog is a wonderful tool for helping others learn about MS and how it affects your daily life. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences with the world!

  • April 29, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Your very welcome! I am glad I was able to provide some insight! Thank you!


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