Fitting Back In With MS at Court

Today was a waste of a day and not in the typical sense that I was tired and just laid down all day. No, I was busy, busy getting nothing done! On New Years day I got a speeding ticket but not because I was drunk or hung over from a late night partying like everyone else. I had to take a friend to the emergency room and was on my way to pick him up. I know I had to stay calm and not speed but I reached a stretch of highways 5 lanes wide on each side and nothing but dirt around for miles and miles. No reference point to gauge your speed besides other cars around you and your speedometer. Since I was looking out for drunk drivers on the road and not staring at my dashboard I used the other cars around me to gauge my speed. “Always make sure someone is driving faster than you on the freeway so THEY get pulled over and not you” is the advice I have always followed. But guess what? If you were a cop and saw a Mustang driving over the limit and a Corolla going just a bit faster your going to choose the Mustang. More of a chance it’s some punk kid driving like some fool, right?

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