Fitting Back In With MS at Court

Today was a waste of a day and not in the typical sense that I was tired and just laid down all day. No, I was busy, busy getting nothing done! On New Years day I got a speeding ticket but not because I was drunk or hung over from a late night partying like everyone else. I had to take a friend to the emergency room and was on my way to pick him up. I know I had to stay calm and not speed but I reached a stretch of highways 5 lanes wide on each side and nothing but dirt around for miles and miles. No reference point to gauge your speed besides other cars around you and your speedometer. Since I was looking out for drunk drivers on the road and not staring at my dashboard I used the other cars around me to gauge my speed. “Always make sure someone is driving faster than you on the freeway so THEY get pulled over and not you” is the advice I have always followed. But guess what? If you were a cop and saw a Mustang driving over the limit and a Corolla going just a bit faster your going to choose the Mustang. More of a chance it’s some punk kid driving like some fool, right?

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Dysdiadochokinesia – Can’t Maintain A Beat


Before I answer that one, let me address the question I know is on your mind: How the heck do you pronounce dysdiadochokinesia??? dys·di·ad·o·cho·ki·ne·sia. Don’t worry, I still can’t say it and I don’t know if I really need to know how to say it. It doesn’t sound like my computer’s narrator can say it either! Try it for some fun! So yeah, let’s just focus on what it is. Dysdiadochokinesia is the inability to produce rapidly alternating movements or rapid repetitive movements. This is the result of a lesion in the cerebellum which among other things controls skilled motor activity (such as playing the piano), coordination, and balance.

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What is Paraesthesia?

=&0=& This is probably one of the most common sensory symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Simply put, =&1=& upon your skin.

It is very similar to how it feels when a limb “falls asleep” only instead of the sensation going away after you stop laying on that limb in an odd position, it just stays around without any apparent reason and without easing up. This can be caused by some sort of nerve interruption (such as a lesion) in the central nervous system (CNS).

How to Treat Paraesthesia
Unfortunately there is no treatment for Paraesthesia in particular, it’s one of those MS symptoms that either goes away on it’s own or sticks around as long as you are having a flare up. Steroids or Acthar may help the flare up pass on and ultimately end your paraesthesia but of course there is no guarantee… I have also never found any kind of home remedy to help relieve this symptom, you just have to “suffer through it” and I understand that that is horrible advice because it can be physically painful and emotionally torturous at times. But again, I have yet to find any sort of solution to this symptom.
My Experience

The pins and needles were one thing but the itching was unbearable! I usually had it on my scalp and I wanted to scratch my skin off! Nothing helped, not antihistamines (like Benadryl), not a cold shower, not even scratching, I just had to deal with it and worse than the physical sensation itself was the emotional frustration of having nothing to do about it: I was helpless.

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