Fatigue, Balance, Spasticity, SSI Benefits

What a week… What… a… week… I guess we can start with my SSI benefits (Social Security Income). I got a letter in the mail informing me that I had to go to a “meeting” to review my SSI eligibility; in layman’s terms? They wanted to have me come in so they could find a way to deny me. I had to bring in bank statements for the last 6 months and once I printed them out and reviewed them I started stressing out over stupid stuff I was sure they would try to deny me for. “I see you have been to Panda Express a few times, if your spending money on eating out, then clearly you don’t need benefits”. Plus there were a few transactions from my travels I did not hide very well with the ever so untraceable cash… On top of that, I imagined they would take one look at me and assume “well you look OK so you must not have any type of disability” as most people assume regardless of the fact that cognitive disfunction, fatigue, and vision loss do not turn me bright blue to indicate something is wrong.

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