I KIND of Got New Glasses & Conatacts…

 I have been needing a new prescription for glasses for a while now. Things are still much better with my glasses on but things are still a little blurry. This probably has to do with my recent development of optic neuritis in addition to my previous vision issues that were caused my a lesion/lesions in the back of my brain.  If you don’t already know, optic neuritis is the demyelination of the optic nerves. So not only are my optic nerves messed up but so is the part of my brain that the nerves lead to. Point is, I needed a new prescription for my glasses. Sometimes I will look at a picture I took and wonder “is that out of focus or is my vision blurry?”

I finally had enough money to go in to see an optometrist. The only problem was the optometrist I usually see got a little more pricey so I decided to try out the optical center at Target as they were much cheaper. I made an appointment for Monday and they called me yesterday asking if I wanted to come in early. Awesome! Good start so far! The office was all new and shiny and they had a good selection of frames which I picked out while I waited to be called in.

After about 10 minites my name was called and I entered the small room in the back which was packed with optical equipment. The doctor started asking me all sorts of questions about my visual history and I tried explaining them all and how I have MS. I could never finish answering a question because he would cut me off and say “just… yes or no, yes or no”… OK… Rude… I will let it slide for now. He asked if they did “this or that” at the last place I went to and I told him I was not sure, I didn’t have the best memory anymore. “OK, so they didn’t, if they did you would remember”. I didn’t say anything because before I could finish thinking my thoughts (I don’t get to pick and choose what I remember) he was already moving on!




Now I am in the chair and he is testing different lens; “one or two, one or two”. Rapid fire! I didn’t have much time to think about it and he seemed frustrated when I asked to see the previous lens again. He was clearly in a rush to get me out the door… As he had me read each line I would get as far as I could and say “hmm… I can’t even see that letter, it’s just a black blur”. “Well come on, think about it, is it a circle? Square? Triangle?” “Ehm… A triangle…” “Well what letters are triangles?” “Ehm…” Are we really doing this? “Come on, what’s the first letter of the alphabet?” “A…” “Good! So we have you at 20/20- now”. I was dumbstruck. He really just coached me into a prescription! I didn’t see that “A” but instead he told me what it was and now I had a prescription for someone who could see the “A”!

I was being examined for contacts as well and he placed them on. He asked how they felt and how things looked. I told him they felt fine, just seemed like my eyes were tearing up a lot so it was hard to tell how well I could see. He said that was good and to go out and have them show me how to take them off and put them on and to come back in a week for a 5 minute adjustment if necessary. While sitting there in “training” I was looking around, my eyes dried up, I realized I could not read the cash resister which was just 10 feet away (about 3 meters). I voiced my concern to the girl and she said give it a few days and see how it adjusts.

I knew it was all wrong and the more I thought about it all the angrier I got! So I called them back, told them the prescription was all wrong, and they told me to come back in on Monday. “If the contact prescription is wrong won’t the glasses be wrong as well?” I asked. “No, contacts and glasses are completely different”. I don’t know much about contacts and glasses but I got the feeling I was being BS’ed.

Today I put one lens on again. Closing one eye at a time I compared my vision with the contact to without it and then to my vision with glasses. With the contact on it is actually worse than even my plain vision. So if they don’t do things right on Monday I will demand my money back and just go to my old optometrist. With MS related visual issues I need someone who knows what they are talking about and not some guy who’s priority is quantity over quality; I am not even sure he knows what Multiple Sclerosis is! So I am going back tomorrow and this time I will have my guard up, I am paying to see again, not to settle and if you can’t even match the prescription I have then something is wrong…

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