A Rough Night and Rough Morning

Last night I posted about my spasticity being bad; it got worse. My leg was so tight last night and what was concerning to me was the fact that I have not been in any kind of pain since I started Tysabri but last night I was thinking one thing; Norco (pain killers). I didn’t take any though, I really have no desire to go back to the narcotic game, so I took all the over the counter pain killers that I could and sat in the shower with the massage setting pointing at my leg with as warm of water as I could handle. Sure it left a settle pins and needles sensation on my leg but hey, it helped a bit.

Today I still feel a little tight not only in my legs but also in my core but it’s not that bad, just bad enough that I know I should “take it easy”. I did however wake up feeling like my mouth was numb!  It’s almost like there is a coat of something all on the inside of my mouth and even when I scratch my teeth on my tongue it feels like what ever is “coating” the inside of my mouth won’t scratch off. I didn’t think much of it at first, I didn’t want to, I have been here before and I hate it so… “denial”. But once I sat down to eat I knew it was actually numb because I couldn’t taste my food all that strongly. So it’s annoying… It’s hard to not think about it because there is a constant feeling of “something’s touching my tongue”. A constant distraction.

This was not the end of my “interesting” morning! I was sitting down getting ready to inject my Acthar, the needle was prepped, my leg was ready, and I started turning in my swivel chair to get in to a better position to stick myself in the leg. I was holding the needle in my right hand, needle side pointing up, and as I turned my hand lost it’s grip on the plunger. This often happens with my MS, I will be holding something and out of nowhere I just let go. The needle did not fall to the floor though, my reflexes are still pretty quick, so without thinking, my hand lunged for the needle in mid air. I caught it but not the way I should have… The needle had spun sideways so instead of grabbing the plunger side I grabbed the needle side (not vertically but horizontally) and gripped it nice and tight before I had time to realize what I was doing. The needle poked right through my finger just above my palm. What do I mean by right through? I mean the needle stabbed into the outside of my pinky and popped out about an inch (2.5cm) on the other side. There was a brief moment where I just held my hand out and looked at it trying to believe what I had just done. The needle did not move as I held my hand out, it was actually in there. 

Then the pain caught up so I pulled the needle out of my finger letting the blood start to rush out. I was in a weird position now; My hand was bleeding, my pants were down, and I still had not completed my injection. So I quickly injected into my leg while trying not to bleed all over the place and then I left my room to see if my mom had a band aid since I had none myself. I still had not buttoned up my pants because I had blood all over my hand and I cant button my pants with one hand so I sat down and just focussed on not dripping. After I got my band aid I buttoned up my pants and that was it, the needle was so thin that it actually doesn’t hurt anymore. Luckily I did not hit a nerve. Still it was not fun; My legs were killing me last night, my mouth feels numb, I am tight today, and I just skewered my finger with a needle. I am not feeling happy… I hope the rest of my day goes well!

4 Responses to A Rough Night and Rough Morning

  1. Liz Kardos says:

    Hello again lol :p I get mouth numbness too! It is one of the weirdest sensations ever to have pins and needles on the roof of your mouth and tongue, I've lost some of my sense of taste and have developed more of a love for spicy and hot temperature foods lol. But hands down THE weirdest is when the middle of my face and sinuses go numb… there is no way to even describe how it feels for the inside of your head to get the pins and needles.

  2. FINALLY someone who get the spicy thing! Its like I need something more intence to register on my taste buds, even stuff that was too spicy for me before!

  3. Kate says:

    I can't believe you stabbed yourself with the needle, you had a very bad morning!

  4. lol yeah, it was interesting, it wasn't just a poke, it was all the way through, like those crazy piercings you see on the Discovery channel haha!

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