A Much Better Eye Care Experiance

 Yesterday I had my appointment to go back in and have things adjusted with my contacts prescription. THIS TIME I saw the actual optometrist, not some fill in. At first we were trying to just make “adjustments” but after telling her how my last experience was with that other guy she just said “you know what? Let’s just start from scratch.”

She listened to me and took her time letting me take my time. I could tell she was passionate about her job and not just in it for the money. For my glasses, she determined a stronger prescription was better for me then what the last guy though and even took out these awesome, giant glasses that she could adjust to any prescription so I could put them on and see what I will be getting. I compared those to my old glasses and the new ones are much better!

My contacts were much better as well. When I did a home vision test I could read 5 lines down with my old glasses, 2 lines down with nothing on, and 3 down with my contacts. With the new contacts I can read 4 lines down no problem, no guessing! They so far work well for walking around and just going through everyday life but when it comes to reading I still prefer my glasses. I can’t wait to get my new ones now! Vision is so… precious!

What sucks is that my vision with my contacts on is how I remember my vision looking when I first started dealing with vision issues… Much better then now but still not perfect. It’s depressing to know it will never be as good as it was before MS. I forget the numbers but I saw something that said every time you have an optic neuritis attack, it does a little more permanent damage to the optic nerves. It makes sense, it’s like any other flair up, but I don’t know, it’s just more depressing for some reason…

Well, I think it will be a long time before I ever go permanently blind if that day even comes, so I am not too worried. I just wish I wasn’t “in between” prescriptions with the contacts assuming that is how they work. Either way, I like my glasses better. I can feel my contacts on the outside edges of my eyes, I hate it! I have an astigmatism in both eyes by the way.

On another note; I am still waiting to hear from the specialty pharmacy about the Acthar! I called Acthar yesterday and they said they just sent it all over to the pharmacy and I should have got a call today, but no call, so tomorrow I will be calling them! This has been so ridiculous, by time I get this stuff I will be having my next Tysabri infusion haha…

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  • February 14, 2014 at 10:05 am

    Hey so I was reading here that you went and saw an optometrist. I was wondering about that I guess. Ever since I received my MS diagnosis I've been told to see the ophthalmologist instead of the optometrist because I'll need special eye exams. Like I go through a test that requires me to press a button every time I see a white dot on this cream background. Both eyes, of course. Then, I have to like focus several times in another machine. Finally, I get all hooked up with little sensor doodads (I have no idea what they're called, but once I'm hooked up it looks VERY intimidating!) that are sticky-ish once goo is on me and they're on different parts of my head while I stare at a weird tv screen with some chessboard patterns and a spinning x in a circle in the middle with weird music in the dark. Then I also get my eyes checked for pressure and prescription. Do you not do all that? Or do you just go to the optometrist for the prescription only? The last time I went to the ophthalmologist due to black spots in my left eye but I've also had double vision. Oh and I guess I ignore my Optic Neuritis symptoms because I have it each time.

  • February 14, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Hi, honestly it depends on the optometrist/opthamologist you see. I saw an opthamologist and he was an idiot and did nothing. My optometrist is really smart, familiar with MS, and he is very thorough. I have have many times that peripheral vision test (the one with the dots on the white/cream background" and pretty much all that other stuff done there. Other optomatrists just do the simple letter tests and give you a crapp prescription. So it's just about finding the right doc.


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