The Temperature is Falling – Tysabri #9

 It’s that time of year, the time I love, summer is trying to hold on the best it can but winter is slowly kicking it out of the day! So remember, not too long ago it was already 80F (26C) outside when I woke up around 5:30am… too warm for a walk even before the sun came up. Now? It has been about 45F (7C) when I head out around 7:00am! It stays pretty cool for most the day and then it peaks around 85F (29C) mid day. I cleaned out my room the other day and rearranged it completely; along with the new set up giving me more space, the fact that I put my air conditioner in storage helped as well! It is so nice to not need the A/C and to be able to keep my windows open for most the day letting fresh, cool, air flow freely on through my room.

So now that it has cooled down, what I can see now is that the 1-2 month break I took from exercising has set me way back. I feel like I am walking more like a drunk on my short walks. My legs feel so much more weak… My cardio? Well, I realized the other day that I was totally out of breath just after walking up the stairs…  My legs are clearly more tight and the shock of each step is going strait to my lower back instead of being absorbed by my quadriceps. So I went for a short walk yesterday and today and I will go for a longer walk in the next few days. Lesson to be learned? I really do have to work on keeping my body “tuned” every single day because medication alone is not enough!

I am trying to be careful walking though because I am trying to gain the weight back that I lost in Ireland and Slovakia so I am eating as much as I can while still trying to eat “OK”. I really need to start going to the gym ASAP because they have equipment to work out my legs in ways I can’t do at home. Dips/lunges make me dizzy… I have lost so much muscle mass over the last year or so since rehab… I really want to get my physical health back over winter…

Oh yeah, I forgot, on Thursday (10/16/13) I had my 9th Tysabri infusion. I was waiting to get that Tysabri in me before I started walking when I got back from my travels so the day after my infusion is when I started walking. I am waiting to get some Acthar since I have not had it in a while and I think it will really help me. Hopefully I can get that soon because I want to get into the gym ASAP. My balance is still all “off” so I am hoping Acthar will help that out because I don’t need to be all tipsy in the gym… that could be bad…

I am also hoping I can get in to see the eye doctor soon and either get new glasses or contact lens. I need a new prescription and I am tired of having something on my face! Something slipping down my nose, something hurting above my ears, and occasionally, something I can’t find. I am also tired of not being able to wear sun glasses because if I am not wearing my prescription glasses everything is so blurry! Stupid optic neuritis! I would love to get the contacts that you can sleep with because I can already see those nights where I forget to give myself time in my schedule to take them out before I drop dead asleep in bed… I really am not trying to wake up with a broken lens in the back of my eye… It all comes down to money of coarse and I have a feeling I will not have enough next month to pay for them so maybe I have one more month of headaches from wearing the wrong prescription haha…

2 thoughts on “The Temperature is Falling – Tysabri #9

  • October 27, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    I can really tell it in my body when I don't at least get my stretching in. If I go without the walks, things go awry quickly for me. So, yeah, keep on moving as much as you can! Pluggin' away!

  • October 28, 2013 at 1:30 am

    It's definitely essential! After all day in a plane? My legs were so stiff!


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