Monthly Archives: October 2013

Jet Lag – LIFE Lag

 I thought I was on track after a couple days back from Ireland but no, definitely not. 8 hour time difference, 9 from here and Slovakia… It’s easy going there but hard coming back. It’s almost 5:30PM in California at the time of me writing this post and in Dublin, Ireland it’s almost 1:30AM tomorrow and it seems I am caught in between time zones. If you have never traveled into another time zone by plane this is called jet lag. It may be 5:30PM where I am now but my biological clock is still on Dublin time so I am so tired… I was avoiding the use of melatonin (melatonin resets your internal clock, it does not induce sleep but it simply tells your brain what time to start shutting down) because I thought “well I am going to Georgia in 2 weeks so I might as well wait” but then it dawned on me… I am going for one night… So tonight I am going to start taking Melatonin. Falling asleep has been easy but I keep waking up at about 3:00AM on the dot (11:00am Dublin time) which is way to early even for me!

Back from Ireland – Biogen Consulting Gig

 Well, I have been off my blog for a while while I was in Ireland and Slovakia, but now I am back and I need to ease back into the blogging thing. I got back a couple nights ago but I have been a little jet lagged from the 8 hour time difference so I have just been resting… now I am feeling a little better… especially after a cup of coffee today. I got an electric kettle and some instant coffee because it actually helped with MS-related digestion issues while I was in Ireland (try it out if your not sensitive to caffeine) but it’s funny, I am not sure what is so different about this coffee, but the caffeine really got to me! It was like I did a bunch of drugs because I was just so pumped up all morning! This usually does not happen so it was pretty weird! 2 teaspoons of coffee mix, 2 brown sugars, and a little milk and I was rushing around getting stuff done!

Slovakia Pictures – This is why I Fought

Here are some random photos from various places we went to in Slovakia. I meant to post them while I was still there but I fell behind. They are all over Slovakia and these pictures appear in no particular order and are out of order regarding the dates.