Happy Halloween! Gym, Acthar, Georgia, and Computer

Happy Halloween! The day that many of us with MS can not eat what everyone else is! Although, if you think about it, sugar and junk food effect us in a way that you can actually see; for others without MS, who knows what the crappy food is doing to them that we can’t see? I might have a piece of chocolate tonight since sugar does not seem to effect me too bad if I just have a little bit but otherwise, candy? I don’t miss it or have cravings for it.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym. I mostly wanted to see what it was like at 5:00am and it was actually pretty busy! Guess a lot of people are really trying to get some exercise in before work! Well, I didn’t have much of a plan set up, I just wanted to work out my legs and see what equipment they had there. I did some stretching and then started looking for… I forget what it’s called… but it’s for working out your quads and basically has you sitting on a diagonal bench that slides up and down with weight replicating a squat. I have had this feeling in my legs for over a year like I needed to stretch something but nothing I did ever satisfied that feeling. I knew this machine would do the trick and is one of the main reasons I signed up for the gym! It did feel good but wow, my legs are so week compared to what I remember them being like! I can’t do what I remember I could easily do before. Next I worked out my calves and after that I pathetically was already tired so I left… I need to set up an exercise plan but I have been so tired lately that I can’t get up early enough for the gym; the other day I just so happened to wake up at around 3:30am wide awake…

Speaking of being tired, I know what might help me with that, Acthar! Not to mention I have been rather clumsy lately and Acthar might help that too… I have been trying to get Acthar for weeks but I have not been able to get it because of some sort of “behind the scenes” issues with paperwork. Someone tells me “call Acthar and they will schedule a delivery” then Acthar says “they need paperwork resent by doctor’s office” then doctor’s office says they sent it, then Acthar says they didn’t get it, doctor’s office says they re-sent it, Acthar says they need a form filled out, doctor’s office says the paperwork explicitly says Acthar is to fill that form not the doctor’s office. My head is spinning! I just need my Acthar! Aren’t MS patients supposed to avoid stress not jump into a stress filled battlefield that should be taken care of by other people? Why am I playing the messenger here?

Oh yeah, so, I went to the patient advocacy thing in Georgia. It was interesting, it was interesting to see other bloggers who had cognitive issues exactly like me. To watch a facial expression that others might not understand but I myself do, I myself know exactly how things are ticking inside that head. I know almost everyone deals with it but to see it and hear it instead of just reading about it? Now I know how I look to others around me when I talk!

By the way… My lap top is slowly falling apart but because I don’t want to spend the money that can be used towards new glasses or a car I set up an old tower/desktop I have. 3 day later that one is giving me errors as well! Both my computers are like leaky pipes that keep bursting only to be patched up by a piece of cloth forcing the pipe to burst elsewhere. I am not sure how much longer I can keep these things running but I don’t have the money for a new computer… My laptop is literally being held together by tape…

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