The Temperature is Falling – Tysabri #9

 It’s that time of year, the time I love, summer is trying to hold on the best it can but winter is slowly kicking it out of the day! So remember, not too long ago it was already 80F (26C) outside when I woke up around 5:30am… too warm for a walk even before the sun came up. Now? It has been about 45F (7C) when I head out around 7:00am! It stays pretty cool for most the day and then it peaks around 85F (29C) mid day. I cleaned out my room the other day and rearranged it completely; along with the new set up giving me more space, the fact that I put my air conditioner in storage helped as well! It is so nice to not need the A/C and to be able to keep my windows open for most the day letting fresh, cool, air flow freely on through my room.

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