I Had To Take A BREAK* – Tysabri #8

Obviously I have been gone for… A while… I just needed a break from it all… I have had some personal stuff going on. stuff I am learning about myself, so I have been focusing on that. Anyways, let’s move on shall we?

On Tuesday I had my 8th Tysabri infusion. After 12 infusions I will have another MRI and Lumbar Puncture to see how the disease is doing compared to my last MRI and to check on my PML status. I am not worried and I am certain most of my lesions have cleared away, I am interested in where the remaining one’s are. I predict a major one in my spine still, r maybe nerve damage, based on my symptoms.

The last few days have not been as hot in the morning and evening which is nice because I can go outside! It has been hard to wake up the last few weeks, I have been so tired. My doctor says based on my last check up I am technically having a relapse. It doesn’t feel like what a relapse used to be so it is hard for me to believe but it must be the Tysabri. Hopefully some Acthar will do the trick! Oh yeah, I got off track, so even though the last few weeks have sucked, the last few days have been nice. I went for a walk and I have been getting up at a good time again so I feel good. We have been cleaning out the above ground pool that we have because the dogs have been kicking up dirt which of course lands and settles in the pool. Since it’s been cool out I have been working on that; It has not been easy but I am currently filling it back up and I am excited because I have never used it because I can’t get up the latter to get in and out but I figured out another way to get in using a milk crate haha. So I look forward to trying that out!

I am not sure if I mentioned, but I stopped the Aricept a while ago, it was giving me crazy dreams; I already have vivid dreams but I usually forget them after waking up but on Aricept I didn’t. The dreams made me feel like I didn’t get decent sleep so I stopped it.

Before I go, interesting fact. I was reading an article and it said that the average male adult should drink about 3 liters of water a day (depending on levels of activity of coarse). 3 Liters is about 6 water bottles… I usually drink 2-3. So I may be drinking way less than I should be, so I am going to monitor how much I drink for a while and see if I notice any changes in how I feel. So we will see!

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  • September 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm


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  • March 23, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    I am getting so upset about these random feelings of being stabbed by a needle. I feel like people think I am crazy! I am not it is so real and hurts. Mine seems to be mostly in my buttocks or outer thigh sometimes my back. I wish I had answers????


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