Feels Like a Needle Prick

There is something I have pretty much always had since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (maybe before but I am not sure) but I always forget to mention it because it is so small and quick. Randomly, every now and then, I get the sensation that someone has poked me with a needle in random parts of my body. It might be on the tip of a
finger, the side of my face, my neck or on a thigh and it last just a fraction of a second; as long as it would take to quickly poke yourself with a needle.
This sensation usually makes me twitch/flinch just as you would if someone snuck up behind you and unexpectedly poked you with a sharp object! Then it’s over, just like that, no residual pain, nothing, just a split second of sharp, neuropathic pain. I usually forget that it happens within 5 seconds and so I never remember to mention it. I think I just assumed it was nothing more than a muscle twitch but then I realized that it is slightly different; it literally feels like being poked with a thin needle! This time, I remembered to mention it here on my blog but I don’t think much of it, it’s probably just a nerve randomly firing off.
 I am sure many people get this. Do you?