Tysabri # 7 and Aricept (Donepezil)

 Yesterday (8/6/2013) I had my seventh Tysabri infusion. 

It was an interesting day though… Anyone else out there in southern California with a smartphone? Enjoy that Amber alert? So, I was driving to my appointment with my cell phone plugged into the car speakers so I could listen to music while I drove. Then, all of a sudden, BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ, some loud, buzzing, alarm went off for like 10 seconds! Scared the crap out of me! I hate sudden loud noises! I saw out of the corner of my eye (since I don’t mess with my phone while I drive) some message that said “AMBER ALERT” on it. I never signed up for that… This kept popping up until my phone died in the waiting room.

While I was receiving my Tysabri I was watching the news where they were talking about the amber alert! I guess that message/alert was sent to everyone in southern California around San Diego who had a smart phone! There is some new emergency system that alerts anyone with a smartphone of natural emergencies, amber alerts, or presidential announcements. Good idea but it scared a lot of people and I didn’t really care to get into a car accident over it but I can’t justify calling AT&T to opt out of the system…

Anyways, I started a new medication yesterday, anyone else on Aricept? It is a medication for helping improve memory function and symptoms of dementia in Alzheimer’s disease but has been tried in Multiple Sclerosis patients for memory loss. I have not done too much research yet but so far it looks like no extensive tests have been done with Aricept and MS to even let me say that the drug is “sometimes used for MS”, it looks like only a few doctors have tried it out on a small amount of patients, but again, I need to do more research.

So I started that medication last night (I guess it can make you really drowsy) and so far no side effects so I am really hoping it can help! I took an online memory test to see how many letters on a flashing screen I could remember before I took it, not much… 6… We will see if I can improve that number in a few weeks. CLICK HERE to check out the test.

I think I will leave it at that for now, I feel really tired today… Not sure why…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yuppp… Mine woke me at midnight for the Amber alert!!! ;( Today I get one for the Banning fire. Phone wont stop!

  2. Lol yeah…. That is not cool…. As if at midnight you could identify a car from bed…..

  3. Wanda says:

    Mattt, I have been enjoying your MS blog. I would be very interested to see how you are doing after several months on Aricept. Please keep us readers posted. I have been having cognitive issues lately and would like some help with it, but my neuro hasn't considered Aricept. If you're a success story, maybe he'll take that into account for my treatment.

  4. Have you recommended it? Because otherwise he is likely to have never heard of it, it seems it is rarely TRIED with MS, but Ill keep everyone posted!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Take anything for fatigue? old school Ritalin instant or extended release works every time for me. Bonus!! Cuts through the cognitive fog too.

  6. I took Nuvigil for a while and it worked great! But… after a while it started making my heart race, like I was having a panic attack, so I stopped it. Wish I had something right now! Usually I have it under control now but yesterday and today I have been tired, ESPECIALLY today!

  7. Jamie Bates says:

    just found your blog after a quick Tysabri search – we got those Amber alert text messages clear up here in Washington ( well my hubs did on his phone, i didn't, lol )

    I took 4 pills of Nuvigil before I turned into an itching mess. My doc hasn't come up with a plan B yet. i need SOMETHING.

  8. All the way up there? Well that is weird! I plan to move to Olympia in the next few years BTW haha.

    Hmmm, well…. Ridalin? Provigil (the older version of nuvigil) but idk? I find that when i get into a routine of exercising I feel way less fatigued but it is so hard for the first week!

  9. Dani Orihood says:

    If you have an iPhone there is a way you can turn off the amber alerts and emergency alerts šŸ™‚

  10. Haha nope, I am an Android guy

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