Today Sucked – Slurred Speech, Cog-Fog, Etc

 Wow, I have not had a day like this in a long time… I felt horrible…

It started with me not getting that great of sleep, this is probably what made me feel so crappy to begin with today, I am learning that sleep is unbelievably important. The last few days I know I got good quality sleep because I woke up on my own (no alarm) after 7 hours and I had energy all day with a fully functioning brain! Write write write, my brain wouldn’t shut off and it felt good! Last night, I had some weird dreams and in one of these dreams I was taking a shower but for some reason there was so much water jetting out of the shower head against my face that I could barely get any air! I managed to slip a few breaths of air in here and there when the water was not so actively in my face and this just went on and on…

I know my chest felt a little tight before I went to bed but I was not having trouble falling asleep but because I was dreaming that breathing was labored and because I woke up feeling tired and feeling like it was a tad hard to get some air, I am pretty sure I was not breathing well last night. Before I had said that my difficulty breathing felt as though a weight was on my chest. Breathing in and expanding my chest upward feels a little labored but letting that air out feels much more easy. I was thinking about it and really trying to observe my breathing and I thought of another way to put it. It feels as though when I take a deep breath in, my lungs fill with air, but not oxygen, just some kind of gas with a very small amount of oxygen in it. So when I start feeling out of breath I take in a deep breath but it does not seem to satisfy my body’s need for oxygen. I feel like I am suffocating! It is really odd but clearly something is going on…

Around 3am I started having to wake up every 45 minutes or so to use the restroom. Where this came from I have no clue, literally, I didn’t drink anything before bed!

So I woke up to my alarm, struggled to get up, got on my computer for a few minutes, and then I just gave up… I couldn’t wake up, I was so tired and I had a headache, so I went back to sleep for 2 hours. When I awoke again I wanted to try to go for a walk still since the weather was still only 65F degrees (18C) and I didn’t want to start slacking on my exercise. I did some stretching and went on my walk. By time I got back I felt sick and weak; just as I feel when I am in the heat for too long. This makes no sense… it was cool out! Could the sun light have done it to me even though most people with MS need it? I swear I could feel those beams hitting me! I sat down by my A/C for a bit and when I felt like I had cooled down I decided I would eat and throw in one load of laundry really quick.

That load took me all day because the washing machine was acting up and I had to keep resetting it.

When I was putting away the sandwich stuff I noticed my cognitive dysfunction was flaring up because I went to put the bread in the fridge instead of the pantry. “Probably nothing” I thought until I noticed I couldn’t type on Facebook… I was spelling things weird or using the wrong words. When I switched to Skype I noticed that my speech was slurring… I have learned to hide it when it happens but it was really hard, I felt like I had marbles in my mouth… This has not happened in so long so I was loosing my patience pretty quick. I feel heavy and my walking feels funny.

I must have not got good rest last night which took away from how much energy I had to use today and that walk pushed me over my limit even though I had done far less than what I usually do each day… Even now I am having a hard time typing, I just want today to be done already! So I am going to proof read this article, fix it all up. repeat, and then just lay down for the day.

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