LEARNING to LIVE with DOCTORS while living with MS

By: Lisa Dasis | www.MSlisaSAYS.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My neurologist is fabulous now. After years of suffering through a variety pompous fools this guy actually answers the questions that I ask and it only took 20 years to find him. I never feel rushed in the examination room any more and he listens when I speak. Sometimes patience does pay off. Now if only the cure was found for this disease.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My first neurologist did all of the right tests. The only problem, he never told me the results! About a month or so after each test I would have to make an appointment with my PC and ask her if she had heard anything. Even when I was finally diagnosed he did not contact me. When I went in to his office (scheduled by my PC) he says, "Well, you have MS. Look it up on the internet and let me know what type of treatment you want and email me with your decision." End of appointment. In fact he never once scheduled to see me again!

  3. First of all, yeah, on;y 20 years, haha jeez…

    Secondly, wow, "it's on the internet" seriously??? I…. I don't even know what to say… That is one of those situations I would wish I could go back in time to just slap someone…. haha…..

  4. joannie says:

    I've had MS since 1991. Went into wheelchair in 1994. Did the chemo thing in 2003. Been out of chair walking without aids since 2007. Very progressive right up to chemo. Any body function you could name was NOT under my control. Bedridden. Had many Drs. some jerks, 2 very good ones. One I'm with now is good but not enough time to really get to know me. One must be their own advocate, speak up!

  5. Yes, no one care about your health more than YOU do! But wow, still impressive progress!

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