I Finally Went to the Gym

 Yup, on Fiday, I went to the gym. I went with a buddy of mine who has agreed to help me work out a bit, he goes pretty much everyday and I even went with him to the gym a bit, long before my MS days, so he knows what he is doing. It helps to go with someone because not only does it help motivate you but it helps to make sure you are doing everything properly as you can’t really watch yourself and make sure you have propper form and what not. I have trouble knowing where my limbs are in space, I can touch my fingers to my nose just fine now, but I might think I am raising my arm strait in the air and then I look in the mirror and realize my hand isn’t where I thought it was. This is some kind of proprioceptive issue.

Anyways, we kept it pretty simple but already I know that all this time I have been exercising at home my form was off because it’s Monday and I can still feel a few sore spots which means this is how it should feel when everything is done properly. Hopefully after some time I will get in the right rhythm of things and start feeling some decent results.

My Dream Car…

What sucks is, that rhythm did not start well on Friday but not because of working out. As soon as I all day. So I just laid in bed all day with a headache and didn’t do anything. Because I laid down all day I felt like crap on Sunday. I was all tight and in need of moving around but instead of trying to get back into my routine I just gave in to the temptation of relaxing and spent all day watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. All because I forgot to adjust my vent…
got home from the gym Friday evening I took a shower and went strait to bed because I was tired. Because I just dropped dead I forgot to move the vent on my A/C down towards the floor so it was blowing right at me all night. This caused me to wake up on Saturday with a head ache, a head ache that did not go away

Today (Monday) I wanted to start working my way back into my routine so I could feel better physically and mentally. Laying around started to make me feel depressed unlike how I had been feeling the other week. I have been so unmotivated, it is amazing how much moving around and staying active can effect you mood. I did not want to wake up… My alarm went off, I got up, turned it off, and went back to sleep, but then I heard an alert on my phone, my girlfriend was messaging me on Facebook, so that got me up. I took a cold shower to wake me up a bit more and then I went on a short walk to get some blood pumping. I felt so unstable, so…like… it was hard to keep myself upright in a strong manner.

So I think it is going to take some time to get back into my daily routine, I hate feeling unmotivated, I want to feel how I felt the other week, motivated, energetic, happy, just… good. Not wanting to sleep all day… Well, anyways, about the gym, I think for now I will go once a week till I start feeling like I “recovered” from my previous work out 2-3 days later. I am taking it nice and slow or else it will mess my MS up and just set me back when I am trying to move forward.

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