Monthly Archives: August 2013

Youtube – How I Have Ceen Since Ireland

  It has been so long since I last did a video. My last update was done on the other side of the planet in Ireland! So here is a very unorganized and overdue video update.

People Don’t Understand My MS Symptoms

 I want you to look around where ever you are. Look at all the colors that surround you. Now imagine this; What if those colors were relevant to the individual, meaning, what if what’s blue to you is not the same blue that someone else may see. Maybe everyone’s perception of a color is slightly different and that is why some people like the color green and some people like the color red? What ever color they see is a color the world gave a name to, “yellow” so that has always been “yellow” to them, that is what they understand.

School and Cognition

 Yesterday was my first day of school, one class, English history. Should be easy right? Nope…

Be Back Soon…