Getting Control of MY Life

 OK, where was I?

I last talked about my life getting… overwhelming we will say? So I am trying to get it all on track with much more effort than before meaning, I am giving it 125%.

First, my health. Not just my MS, but everything. I need to get into shape, how ever I can, so I am exercising again. I have been waking up around 4:30am, I do a light stretch, grab a quick bite, and by around 5/5:50 I go for a walk when it is still cool enough outside for me. I walk about 1.4 miles (2.25 kilometers) in around 20 minutes. Later in the evening I do a quick work out, that is when I feel most ready to work out for what ever reason. Light weights and stretching. Of course it is a joke compared to what I used to be able to do before MS but after my last relapse and my limited mobility throwing me way out of shape, every little thing is hard, just being awake is difficult! And you know what? I could barely even walk before, so I can’t compare, I am just saying, I can do way more, but instead I am sitting around doing nothing. So I am pushing through the “tough” because I am tired of my life and this routine, so I will change it, nothing changes unless YOU change it.

It’s been a slow start but after just a week I can already feel a little less rusty, for example; my shoulders don’t hurt when I do push ups. So if I can already see that after a week who knows where I will be in a month, two months, etc. Once it starts cooling down it will be much easier to walk for longer distances and hopefully, I will achieve my goal of running, not marathons, I just want to be able to run like 10 feet (3 meters)! Right now my spasticity just won’t allow it… Also, I should mention, I have always been underweight, I hate it, most people want to loose weight and say “Oh I wish I had that problem” but guess what, it’s just that, a problem. So for me I feel the same way as people who want to loose weight, I hate that I can’t gain it and I hate seeing myself in the mirror! I don’t enjoy eating simply for the sake of trying to cram calories, I hate it! But anyways, my point is this, since I started moving more I am seeing my apatite rise as well as my weight, so once I start eating more and doing a few other things I might be able to get to where I want and that that feels good! I don’t like feeling sick and looking sick when I look at myself in the mirror all underweight and weak.

Another issue with my health, my back! My desk chair was the cheapest I could find at the time, it was a piece of crap at the best. It had been hurting my back for a while but I did not have the money to upgrade (hence the ads on my blog, I was hoping to make enough money to buy a new chair but at a few bucks a month it would take for ever) so I tried making a lumbar support with a towel, a pillow case, and some cotton cord. That did not help. For a while I was OK but this week it was just killing my back… I finally decided I would upgrade to a better chair, I mean, I spend most the day in it anyways! So this one is way better, still not that pricey, but a much larger step up from some plywood with a thin piece of foam on it!

After I got my chair I started reading all over the net about proper sitting posture and wow, I have been doing so much damage to myself! My laptop was too low causing me to lean in, my keyboard was too high causing the leverage of my arms held up to put weight/pressure on my back. All sorts of little things. So I have my laptop raised up with a few books so the screen is eye level and I am using my external keyboard on my desk’s slide out tray to keep my arms lower. Only problem is thanks to my poor vision and hand eye coordination, I have to lean down to see where my hands are on the keys and this is starting to hurt my upper back! But I HAVE to look where I am typing or else I can’t tell where my hands are! So not sure how I will solve that, one step at a time.

Before I forget, I just finished my 6th day of Acthar, 4 more days. Hopefully that helps me get going as well as I can be!

I am working on plans for what I want to do with my health even though I know it will take time especially without a car, but I need a direction. Plans for big things like physical therapy and even little thins like new frames for my glasses. Now that I am wearing them all day, everyday, the “cheapness” is starting to show, meaning, they are uncomfortable, my skin above my ears can even get tender some days! Plus, they keep sliding down my nose… I can try to adjust them but I don’t have a small enough screw driver for that and no money to buy one since I am putting everything I can into getting a car so I can do actually something with my life.

4 thoughts on “Getting Control of MY Life

  • July 25, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Don't be so hard on yourself! I know you want out, but don't hurt yourself doing it! Not worth it!!!

  • July 26, 2013 at 5:24 am

    control bro not controll – im being a know it all sod now though! lol – but in all honesty – im quietly over the moon bro! Ganbatte bro!

  • July 26, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Thanks haha, my spell check is weird, I think it is set to a "non-USA English" and without spell check, I am nothing. I should try to fix that one. :p


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