Old MS Phone Pictures

 (Dial-A-Ride wheelchair ramp)
(Fountain at my Medical Clinic)
(I think this was at my first Tysabri Infusion)
 (Blood work every month)
(This was when I first started walking without a cane. I was at a shoe store and saw myself in a mirror; it was weird to see myself standing. I was not in a wheelchair, using a walker, or a cane, I was on my feet!)
(At the time I thought I had a lot of cooling supplies from medication shipments; this was a FRACTION of what I would end up having!)
(The first time I went in public without a cane since my relapse in 2012)
(Small hill I finally walked up when I started walking on uneven surfaces.)
(LARGE hill I hiked after I got good at walking on uneven surfaces, this was at Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, CA)
(Just another IV)
(When I was first starting Tysabri I was worried about immunosuppressive effects, everyone was sick in my house and I didn’t want to risk it!)
(Another Tysabri Infusion)
 (My Stacool cooling vest)
(Infusion center at Riverside Medical Clinic)
(The only way I am surviving the summer in Southern California, my portable air conditioner)
(They finally took my wheelchair back!)
(TV at the infusion center chair)
(Just the other side of the infusion center)
I didn’t know if I would get to walk again when I was in physical rehab, guess I have come a long ways since then.

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