Morning Walk – Morning Heat

 OK, I tried, I did. I have been sleeping so much because of this heat… Yesterday was 108F (42C) and I slept almost all day! Even with my portable A/C on I could still feel the heat coming through the walls and windows of my bedroom! I was going crazy because when I wasn’t sleeping I was sitting at my desk, I just needed to move! Because I have been sleeping in (till like 7 that is) I have not been going on my morning walk because it is just to hot!

Today I planned on waking up at 5:00am and going out for a walk at 5:30 just as the sun is peaking over the horizon and providing enough light so see because I wanted to avoid the heat the sun shine would bring. I got up, got ready to walk, opened the front door, and stepped into the thick warm air. That is right, at 5:50am it was already 73F (About 23C) which is not hot but definitely warm especially when there is no breeze and it is nice and humid out. I was hoping for that nice, cool, morning air, but nope, no more of that, just air so warm and thick I was not sure if someone had just thrown a warm, wet blanket over me!

Nonetheless I went on my walk and I could tell my legs were spastic because all the shock of each of my heavy steps went strait into my lower back which does not feel so great… I just want my spasticity to ease up! I hate this… I can’t wait to just ask about botox next time I see my neurologist because I have tried everything from stretching to magnesium and nothing seems to help one bit… I would love to run again but mostly would appreciate walking without feeling like I am stepping with my spine…

On a separate note, I have been wanting to write more “in depth” articles about medication for Multiple Sclerosis and various MS symptoms but I have just been too tired! Even now at the peak of my energy for the day I just want to sleep when I just woke up 2 hours ago after a full 8 hours of sleep!

We will see… I am trying…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BOTOX is the best thing you can try for your problem, except as you know things work for some and not others… I had BOTOX for an MS problem and it worked great the first few times then became useless.

  2. Aww man, it's one of THOSE… Works good at first then fades… I am so sick of that…. Still worth a try I suppose…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that sometimes it matters more how & when you take suppliments that make them most effective, like vit D should be taken with fatty foods, have to also make sure you have plenty of calcium in ur diet too (one helps the other to absorb)). hope that helps


  4. Yes, Vitamin D is fat soluble so it wont dissolve and be absorbed without fat. That's why I took it with certain supplements like Omega 3 o help break it down. :p

  5. I hear the heat wave is moving north so hopefully you'll find relief soon!

  6. My Odd Sock says:

    I have been using Botox for about 3 years now. It is the best thing for my spastic legs. I stretch & exercise everyday and do apitherapy once a week (bee stings)…those along with Botox every three months help tremendously in slaying spasticity.
    Give it a try–it IS worth it. (And your legs will look younger as well! Not really!)

  7. Well even if it does that will gives us maybe a 1 week brake because summer in the desert? USUALLY 100-110…

    And I think I will though, i dont want younger legs lol!

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