Left Leg Balance & Sneezing

I have been so behind… I just can’t find the motivation to write or I do find it but can’t think of what to write about. I have not been doing much lately, just… existing…

Today I woke up wide awake at about 4:45am so I decided instead of trying to go back to sleep I would just get up. I just really felt like I had to get up and do something and after checking the weather I realized I could actually go for a walk! It was about 68F (20C) outside at 5:00am instead of the typical 80F (27C) so I couldn’t wait to get outside! I took a few pictures while I was out but I was focusing more on walking; something I have realized is not as “clean” as it was when I walked every morning. I spend most of everyday sitting or walking around the house so I have lost some of what I worked for, it sucks not being able to work at it everyday… “If you don’t use it you loose it”.

Anyway, something I have noticed lately that I have been meaning to mention but never do; one, my balance. I can balance pretty well on my right leg but when I try to balance on my left leg I can only hold it for a few seconds before I start to tip and have to set my right foot down. A bit frustrating…

Something else I am more concerned about that I realized when I was thinking about my breathing issues is the fact that I can’t seem to sneeze… I feel like the air can’t escape through my nose so the pressure builds up and comes out as a cough. It’s… weird… While thinking about this I noticed that it feels easier to breath in air through my mouth rather then my nose, the difference is like breathing through a regular straw (my mouth) and breathing through a coffee straw (my nose). So I am starting to think this is not MS, at least not directly. Oh, and no, my nose is not stuffy. Maybe the breathing thing is partially MS but my nose/mouth thing is just making it worse? I don’t know… I should see a regular doctor on that…

I have not researched it or… ANYTHING really, it’s just so hard right now… I have no will power, no drive, no motivation, it sucks… Today has been decent so far, so we will see if I can keep it up.

4 thoughts on “Left Leg Balance & Sneezing

  • July 18, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Matt, I understand how difficult it is to have a chronic disease, but is there something GOOD that happens to you? If so, seize that and run with it.

  • July 18, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Right now nothing is really happening thanks to summer, I am at a bit of a stand still, so it's hard to write about anything interesting.

  • July 18, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    maybe u have allergies? sinus infection? I had a sinus infection a while back, my pcp put me on antibiotics. Ive read that's not the right way to treat it anymore tho. I always HATED the heat, I avoid it whenever I can.



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