I Wish I Could Just Sleep For 3 Months

 I am depressed. Simple. I can’t get myself to do anything right now. I wish I could take a pill to induce a temporary coma for the summer so I could wake up in the winter and actually DO SOMETHING besides sit in my room. So I can’t write today, I wanted to, but all my motivation is dead, I just wanted to share this picture I made up after joking about some kind of coma pill with a friend on Facebook. Have a good day!

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  1. Abdullah says:

    I know how u feel, sometimes I feel like I wanna go into a self induced coma myself, like I just want it all to "stop" for a while.

    I read your previous post, about what your life used to be b4 MS, enough to make anyone depressed, and I know that depression is one of the side effects of MS, so I could never blame u. But please try to remember, u r still young and u have your whole life ahead of u. You never know what could happen, maybe one day u'll get to move to a much cooler place, maybe they'll discover much better medications 4 MS, and maybe your town will finally have air conditioners 😉

    Don't give up Matt, try to develop your indoor skills, like writing, I'm sure you’re an excellent writer, but don't push yourself too hard, take your time, just as long as you're moving forward then know that u r headed towards the right direction.

  2. I know, but it's hard to "chin up" based on a "maybe", the unknown… BAH!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You know, you CAN do things if you choose to.

  4. yes, but there is not to much for me to do stuck in my room, it gets old…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thinking outside of the box you can do things like read to the blind, for example

  6. yes, except since my major relapse I am not so good at reading anymore, especially out loud. Plus that brings me back to my problem… I dont have a car… if I did I would not have even written this post haha!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You don't need a car for something like that for example.

  8. How else would i get where i need to get?

  9. Anonymous says:

    virtually by phone or Skype too.

  10. I can't… I already live life online too much as it is, I can't… I need out… I need to get out of here…. I am sick of this room, this house… I can't do it anymore…

  11. Elaine says:

    Sorry things suck so bad. Maybe this is one of those situations where you need to break it down into little bits so it seems you can make progress, rather than look at the big picture which seems overwhelming? So…a car. Could you send messages through friend networks to get one cheaply? Is there any way at all to afford one?

    Re your later post, about being diagnosed earlier rather than later with MS – I think they both suck. I'm in "maybe MS" limbo myself, which sucks in a different way.

  12. Well, idk, that IS what I need to do for peace of mind at least, little goals, I had that before but I got too impatient or something.

    As far as a cheap car… Nothing trustworthy… And even if I found something decent for say 3 grand, at $200 a month, that is a while…

    Both situations DO suck, never meant anything else, just saying maybe I would rather A instead of B or B instead of A you know? But that depends on the individual.

  13. Elaine says:

    Yeah, I don't blame you for getting impatient. Or depressed, given that heat.

    I didn't think you weren't saying both situations didn't suck (if that makes sense??) – just kind of agreeing there – and see what you were saying. Something that crosses my mind too.

  14. she said says:

    That's hilarious, I would gladly take some CoQuil. I was just thinking I wish I could fast forward through July and August or hibernate and get to Fall. I'm not officially diagnosed with MS yet (maybe it's something worse!), but I see a neuro who is an MS Specialist. The summer is awful for me now, it never used to be this way. Anyway, I just stumbled on your blog. I've been in limbo for a year.

  15. Oh man… Limbo… I couldn't imagine, sounds like hell from what I know… Worse? Hopefully not haha…But yeah, hibernation… Coquil…. Ugh, if only….

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