I Think I Pulled a Hamstring or Muscle

 I have been waking up around 4:30am to do some light stretching followed by a mile and a half (3 kilometer) walk at 5:40am and this routine has been making me feel great lately! I wake up, I move, I get some fresh air, and this motivates me to be productive. Yesterday, I messed up somehow…

It looks like I strained a hamstring or pulled a muscle or something… it didn’t happen instantly so I am not sure the exact moment it happened but towards the end of the day my left leg started feeling really tight/sore behind my knee. The pain is on the back of my leg starting above my calf and ending behind my knee and it especially hurts when I try to fully extend my leg which makes walking difficult. I think this is my hamstring… I must have stretched it too far yesterday morning…

When I woke up this morning it hurt even more than last night! I was hoping it would feel better after resting it but no, it’s worse. So I started icing it today and have just been resting it. I might do some light stretching as well, it’s just hard to know what is wrong so it’s hard to know what I should do.

What I wanted to note though, is how much something so small is throwing me off my routine! Because I didn’t wake up and start my day as actively as I have been, I feel so tired! Not because I didn’t get enough sleep but because laying down all day can make you feel more tired and that’s all I have done today so I just want to sleep! This is nothing like how I have felt these last few days and I really hate this! I wanted to be done with feeling like this all day, everyday, I don’t want to waste my time laying around, sleeping, and watching TV!

I really hope I can get this healed nice and fast because I was getting on track finally and feeling great; this is derailing my success. All because of a strained hamstring (or something)! Wish me luck!

(St Catherine’s Catholic Church in Riverside California – This is by my doctor’s office, I got there early the other day to do blood work so I decided to kill some time and take a picture)

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