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 As you can see, I have launched a new and updated section on my blog titled “What is MS“. In this section I have a list of articles with all the basic information on what Multiple Sclerosis is, who get’s MS, how to get diagnosed with MS, how to treat it, along with some other interesting and useful facts. I worked all day and night all weekend on this so I hope people find it useful and informative! You can access this section my clicking on the “What is MS” link on the top navigation and once you open an article and reach the bottom of the page, you will find easy navigation among the different articles of this section, so check it out! Maybe you will learn something new or maybe you can use it to help explain what Multiple Sclerosis is to friends or family!

I have much more updating to do on my blog, I want it to be a useful leaning tool for people who think they may have MS, people who were just diagnosed with MS, and people who know someone with MS. Even people who have had MS for a while but are just looking for some perspective! I have been slacking on this blog for such a long time, I need to get it back on track, set some goals, and try to be productive and helpful. My original goal with this blog was to help people see what living with Multiple Sclerosis is like from my perspective and over time I have slowly let my blog turn into a place I just endlessly talk about my routine and that is not as much help as I want to provide… It is definitelty time to put it back into 125% mode!

My blog is not the only thing I want to dedicate more of my time and effort to. I have been slowly trying to get my life on track, very slowly… I keep saying “it’s time to change” but so far it has been like trying to jump into a cold swimming pool; I keep saying “this is it” and then I hesitate and don’t “jump”. So today I jumped. I can’t do as much working out as I would like at home because of the lack of equipment I have access to so I have been doing very basic stretching and weight lifting in my bedroom. I have also been walking 1.30 miles (2.09 kilometers) every morning. I have been getting up around 4:30am and I start my walk when the sun peaks over the horizon at 5:40am when it is still nice and cool out. Being on an active routine has definitely made me feel better physically and mentally! But after a few weeks, it was not enough, so as I said, I had to make that jump.

I walked about 1.5 miles (3 kilometers) to the gym down the street to see about getting a membership. Walking that distance is not such a problem anymore so if I leave at 5:40am I can get there at 6am, work out, and get home before it gets too warm for me outside. It was tricky trying to work it all into my budget especially since I want to sign up for school this semester, so I am going to try to raise about $100-$200 here on my blog (you can donate via the paypal widget on the right side of my blog) so I can go to school because since I had to pay the initiation fee for the gym I had to cut into my school fund. They let me pay half today and then I pay the other half on the 28th. I register for school on THURSDAY! I really need this to get my head in a healthy spot and I can’t wait another semester. I sacrificed the $200 I have been putting aside for a car for school and the gym because I believe it will really help me. So I have to raise this cash by the 25th… I am cutting this so close but I have to try everything I can or else I am not trying hard enough!

So I really hope I can go to school this semester, all this came at once, which sucks, tuition, books, gym initiation, first and last month down, plus I had to get that new desk chair for my back, and then there are all my bills. So I didn’t even brake even this month… I am hoping I can come up with that $100-$200 by the 25th to balance my budget because otherwise, no school… So Wish me luck! And thank you all in advanced who donate to my schooling! —-> Thank you!

2 thoughts on “About MS Section, Gym, and School

  • December 19, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Working out is great- It's always been my thing. Just be careful because I over did it and now I'm sitting out for a while, sucks miss working out bad. I would love to help you if I could Matt! Sorry its just not there for me-LA Fitness took my money too, its great gym tho.

  • December 19, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Lol too bad I HATE working out lol…. Yeah I am doing PT now so no more gym membership, didn't really have the $$


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