Some Dream… Didn’t Feel Well

 The night before last; (A Crappy Dream)

I was walking around some cafeteria, no sunlight was visible to let me know if it was day or night, there was only the white florescent light that shined down from the long bulbs lining the ceiling. The walls were white and the counter tops were stainless steel and a dark woods, slats, not solid. I had a blue, plastic, food tray and I was walking around choosing what I wanted from the various food islands. I don’t recall what I grabbed, the dream was vivid in part, but certain objects with little importance were somewhat less vivid. I don’t remember how the food felt when I grabbed it; was it cold? Hot? Warm? I don’t know. I remember feeling like I wanted to hurry up and just pay for my food and leave but I am not sure why.

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