Monthly Archives: June 2013

Too Much Heat for My MS…

 I have been meaning to buy a new filter for my fish tank for a while now, the old one was just not doing it’s job and the water was getting cloudy… Since I had a Gift card to Petsmart (From my birthday) I had been meaning to go and buy a new water filter but I have not been able to because my Dad’s car (which I use when he is not using it) broke down and is being fixed today. Hitching a ride has not been easy either but yesterday I knew I HAD to go because I was starting to worry my fish would all die in the mucky water so I decided “OK, simple, I will take the bus to the pet store and by time I am done there my Dad will be driving by on his way home from work”.

My Computer Reminds Me of My MS

I have had a rough few days this week so I have not been online… Things are better now so here I am but still I am having computer issues so I am not as motivated to sit here and type.

Progress Update – Remember This?

 Well I know I kind of stopped doing this but I kind of wish I hadn’t, I think I should have done it maybe once a month since Tysabri started clearing things up. Now that things have pretty much settled and any changes to my symptoms have to be made through diet and life style changes (mostly) I wanted to mark where I am now before I try to experiment with healing some of my residual symptoms. So this is just a quick post updating my symptoms and medication.

Money Makes the World Go Round

 It really upsets me, this reality, “money makes the world go round”. It’s not fair even though some will argue that those with lots of money worked for it. It seems that (at least here in the states) the rules keep the rich rich and the poor poor. “Money can’t buy happiness”, well, who ever said that did not have money. If I had money I could move where ever I wanted in the world, literally, you can’t immigrate without money, I would not have to worry about health insurance, I could just pay for what I need without having to wait for years to qualify for insurance with my pre-existing condition, I would not have to worry about finding a job in time, nothing!