Tight and Stabbing Legs

I had a horrible day yesterday, my legs were killing me! I just wanted to lay down and let them chill out. My legs were so tight! I tried going for a walk to loosen them up but with every step it felt like the muscles in my legs were ripping. So my legs felt like they were tearing or being stabbed with a long needle every few seconds. I ended up somewhat regretting the walk idea and just wanting to lay down. But it was so nice outside! Cool, cloudy, and rainy, how could I stay inside??

I did feel really tired today though, I just woke up from a nap, forced up by my alarm, I still feel tired but if I stay in bed I won’t sleep through the night. This summer warming up crap is really depressing me though, it’s making me feel like I actually have MS and that is hard when just 2 months ago I was in Ireland feeling like I had no illness at all thanks to the weather I presume. I want that back… It made me realize that something here is messing me up, it’s depressing, frustrating… All I need is to move to a cooler area and my MS is as good as gone… So simple… But as always, my life is being dictated by money, money I do not have. Its not fair.

Anyways, I have been having a hard time writing lately, I am just so tired and feeling unmotivated in life. I am trying to change that but it’s just been hard so I don’t know… I will get back into the same as wuickly as I can!

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  1. Hi Matt It's amazing how many people have ms. I having symtoms for years but I never said anything to anybody. I feel like I'm crazy becausw doctors just raise the meds Im on and leave it like that.

  2. if you dont PUSH for an answer you WILL NOT get it, that's just the way MOST doctors are. Have you seen a neurologist?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Matt I hope ur lawyer is still trying to get u on SSDI. You will get enough money to move then (about twice what ur getting now). You DEF qualify, just gotta research how to increase ur chances etc…. keep appealing a denial etc… make some inquiries about moving out of state on SSI, you might be surprised at all the assistance you would qualify for. Like I keep telling u, this should be a top priority.

    I forgot the combination on the front door of the house today (it hasn't changed in years), then my shrink landlord showed it to me today, it took several times for me to get it… (he gave me a worried look) just another fun day with MS. Im sick of ppl telling me my cog fog is something everyone has sometimes, like when u cant find ur car in a lot grrr. I have to stop reacting badly to that lol


  4. "We all get that sometimes" yeah…. no….. And pft, idk about SSDI, I just don't know….

  5. Dockskip says:


    OH man, I get that stabbing pain deal in my legs too. Sometimes it literally drops me to the ground.. I live in Washington where it is cold and rainy a good portion of the time, and yes the heat makes me worse..however what I think is really weird is that Wash State is considered to be the MS capitol of the nation…? Our weather is so close to that of Scotland And Ireland. We have a large population of those folks here as it reminds them of home. So I can't figure it out. Heat does intensify things, but when it's cool, why do we have all these people with MS?

    I will have to say I was living a bit vicariously through you on your trip to Ireland as I was so happy you were doing well and could go! It's a big deal for me to go to Costco..which I hardly ever do because it's so big..anyway.. You're in my thoughts and I am always cheering for you!

  6. Well, they think it's because there is no sun and growing up with that you dont get enough Vitamin D and that causes or triggers the MS.

    I DO want to move to Olympia now since Dublin is out of the question but it's all about money….

    An yeah, I remember when just going to Target killed me….

  7. Anonymous says:

    yeah we both know how horrible the SS process is, BUT I see it as a MUST HAVE if you hope to have ANY life on your own. That sounds harsh, but it's not the time to screw around, MS is a progressive disease, fight for what DESERVE & NEED while you still can. Call ur lawyer, let him know you need his help to move (even if not true) for ur health. Motivate him by telling him ur story, make it personal to him, make sure u remind him your dealing with a progressive disease so time is a wastin!


  8. I did all that already, nothing. They see me NOW and that's all they care about.

  9. Anonymous says:

    get another lawyer, one that has a heart (that may be tough). find a lawyer who specializes in MS or find references from other MS ppl in ur area….hello google lol


  10. Dockskip says:


    I moved up here from Newport Beach..no to far from you. Since I was old enough to crawl I was in the sun (good source of vitamin D). Then I moved up here to be with family that all migrated
    to capitalize on the housing market 20 years ago.. sell high- buy low. I was the last hold out..wasn't giving up my surfboard yet. Then my mom got ill and I came up to help…thinking I would only be here a few months till she was back on her feet. She did get better after a while when we changed her diet and got her running a few miles a day. Then..I got ill! Took forever as we know to find out what it is. And ..my vitamin D level was not enough to measure. SO I was put on 15k units a day! yes..a day! For 3 months I did that. I didn't feel any better , however since it is essential for building bones, I actually grew back bone I had removed from my jaw a few years earlier for TMJ. The bone grew back! The Dr.s were freaked.. well so was I… anyway,I stopped the vitamin D as now my levels were above normal and I spent everyday outside I could..and I loved the cooler weather now.. who would have thought that? Now I had to have it! My mom was up here for just about 5 years before she got MS, but she didn't see a Dr. for many years as she fobbed it off and went about life till she was in a wheel chair. Finally we discovered she had MS too and out of over 25 of us that migrated from So Cal, only the two of us came down with it… so friken weird. and damn depressing ..as you know.

    Still looking like yourself for new things that can help. Since the latest unusually warm weather we are having , I am having a flare up. Makes me want to chew off a leg!

    Well all that to say nothing really..guess I was just sharing. Olympia is a cool place. you probably already know. That's about 30 min south of me..I'm in Gig Harbor.

    I know the $ thing is tough. I am hoping that whatever you want to do will come to fruition. There is nothing to big to desire that you can't go after. I believe that you have the determination to do what you set your mind to. I have some really down days, you mentioned have them too as of late..so I would be remiss to say "keep a good attitude". Man you push through so much..and to help others with this as well. YOu rock! Don't give up ever.Feel what you need to feel, then keep going. So many days I want to STOP! Everything.. but I don't and some of that is because of what you put out on this site. Many of my friends know you as "Matt says",
    as I share your good days and not so good days, and your discoveries.

    MY friends and family are getting a better understanding of what I go through because of you. Thank you. sometimes I can't speak well anymore, and it gets so tough sometimes I remain silent. So thank you for being a voice when I am tired. My fingers often don't do what I need them to so I don't do e mails or anything that often..And sitting in this chair- much like yours, is killing me. So, with that I will say..keep on, and thank you for all your efforts!

  11. Wow, you AND your mom has MS? That is so weird, not the first time I have heard of this but it still baffels me. Haha I wish I could write that much back but I can't, I m having a hard time remebering the begining of your message as I reach the end! I just need a few thousand to make the move and have a few months rent saved up, then I just need to find a job which should not be TOO hard because unemployment is not so bad up there compared to here…. When I get a job and start svaing for move I will me much more active in my efforts but that will start in about a month or so. But thank you, glad i helps. I want to try to start a section for loved ones to learn since so many people have a hard time explining to familiy and friends what MS is and what troubles it entails.. WE WILL SEE!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Matt buddy how can u get a job when ur on SSI? Yes, you can work for a lil money per month, but If you get a job & get sick, cant work anymore, then u might lose everything, have to re-apply for SSI. Might not be able to get SSI cuz of that. better off finishing SSDI process then do whatever you want. Ill bet ur closer to being approved than you think.


  13. so is it better to stay stuck in life or to take a chance and actually DO something with my life haha???…

  14. Anonymous says:

    create ur own reality & be happy in it. personally I don't feel stuck getting all my expenses paid. I do what I want for the most part (without a soul sucking J O B), but if I cant someday, I know I have a safety net, but if you don't want that, well it's ur life. wish u all the best!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt –

    I had the aching pain in both my left leg and left arm. The left leg deal was around for 2 or 3 days and was to the point that I just wanted to rest it. It was in my upper leg. It happened in my arm too and that progressed to an electrical current running through my arm. Not a tingle, but, a strong current. I guess you could say a tingle but more extreme. Have you ever experienced that?

    On a side note, I am 36 now and years ago, docs put me on Lexapro for depression and anxiety. That drug turned me into a tired zombie. I would SERIOUSLY consider many of the symptoms you have (at least the fatigue and out of it feeling) as a possible side effect of medication. I am on the brink of my MS diagnosis and I have already told myself that I won't let these meds take over my life. I looked into what they prescribe for the numbness and aches and I can already tell you I will NOT take it. These medications are menat to numb your sensations and that in turn, numbs you to life, including taking any and all desire to live away. I was on these tyoes of meds for 15 years and since I have come off of them (for 2 years) I have been a new man. Sometimes human will is all that is needed. For my MS road, which seems it might vbe tought, will be disease modification therapy, steriods and anything beyond that I am probably going to deny. I only say this becasue you are young and I got put on all my meds when I was 19 and never looked back. I just took it all and in retrospect, I wish I had better disernment. I don't know your meds, but, be weary of anything that is used to treat depression. I can giveyou some good books on this too.


  16. Trust me, I was very weary of that. I am not really on anything any more, just Tysabri and occasionally Acthar. I do need Citalopram, I tried getting off it but that was a huge mistake. I have been on it since my teens and I never had problems with it. What I deal with is definitely just MS fatigue..

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