Tysabri Round 5 – IVIG – New MS Drug?

Yesterday I had my 5th Tysabri infusion. Before they hooked me up I saw my neurologist as always. Everything seemed fine with me so I asked him a question. I wanted to know if what everyone says about the rebound effect of Tysabri is true. For those of you who do not know, they say that if you stop Tysabri then in about 4 months you will undergo renewed disease activity, or in simpler terms, you will relapse hard! The disease seems to become about three times more active. “They” say the shorter the amount of time you have been on Tysabri, the worse your MS was before you started it, and the better Tysabri has helped you, the worse you will rebound after you stop Tysabri. So I asked him if this was true and he said definitely, every bit of it. I then asked if that meant I was stuck on Tysabri indefinitely since I was three for three on the above factors. He said “no, hell no“.

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