It Must Be the Heat… I am an MS Zombie!

I don’t know what is going on, the days just disappeared… All I want to do is sleep! It must be the heat! I mean, I have my A/C running like 24/7 but STILL, I just feel so fatigued lately! Around 4:00pm I lay down for a quick nap which quickly turns into a few hours… This is not normal for ME.

On top of that my cognition has not been great lately either, I feel like someone took the oil out of the machine I call my brain and replaced it with molasses! I feel like an MS Zombie! I mean I have got some stuff done “around the house” but that is mostly because it’s easier to just get into the motion of cleaning without thinking whereas something like blogging requires motivation (or obligation like today haha) and thinking. But still, I don’t recall much of what I have done lately and I am mixing my dreams with reality again; forgetting if I actually talked to someone about something or if I just had a dream that I did… It’s a weird feeling…

I hate the summer with the passion of THE ONE burning sun that heats up this place I call home but others call Hell.

I am also noticing my balance is still not doing anything but slowly getting worse and I am also getting a tad more clumsy. I slammed by finger in my door, I stubbed my toe pretty hard, I have burned myself cooking a few times, and that on top of my inner lip/gums hurting from my trip to the dentist the other day has just made me miserable. So yeah, I am going slow, but I really need to get back on track, I went for a quick walk about 30 minutes ago and wow, my legs are tight, my balance is off, my gate is not great, and my muscles quickly felt limp as if I had just finished 3 sets of a heavy weight lifting session and now I was trying to squeeze in a fourth. The heat is making my body malfunction, I can’t wait to leave this place… $$$$$$$$………….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am guessing that i am one step before being diagnosed with MS.
    I have numbness feet toes and e.t.c for more than 9 months now and it doesn't go away.
    Tommorow i am getting my first MRI results.
    I am 38.
    Kind Regards.
    I'd like to be in touch since i see a long road in fornt of me.
    The worst part;
    How my family is going to take it;

  2. Yeah keep in touch ALTHOUGH, if that is your only symptom it could be any number of other things

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too much of the time i feel like im in a semi spacey dream world, almost like a slightly out of body / out of tune existence, like im not really me… It's different than cog fog, so F'n weird. My naps often turn into marathon sessions also (ugh). That apis homaccord stuff does help me sleep at night tho (Thank gawd!). strange that u would feel this way from heat when u spend most of ur time indoors with a/c cranked, but having lived in FL I know houses can still feel "hot" in a way, maybe it's radiant heat affect. what temp do you keep ur house at in summer? sleekcartim

  4. It IS weird but I was reading that during the summer, even when patients stayed inside, they still had a higher relapse rate and they dont get why, so…. idk…. all I know is it sucks!

  5. And the AC in my room is 72 / 70 but idk what that makes my room, I need a thermometer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    maybe have a 8000 BTU or higher (dunno how big ur room is, but u ARE in the desert so…) window a/c unit in ur room (with clean filter always) so u can control the temp without over cooling the whole house? also I would position my bed & desk in front of a/c, so it blows on u often


  7. Haha yeah I have a portable A/C in my room at the foot of my bed and side of my desk so it's always pointing at me :p

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