I Spoke at Loma Linda University Again

Hey! Sorry I am so behind, I will explain in a minute. First, the other day I spoke at Loma Linda University again about my story with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I actually knew about this like a month ago but with my memory issues, I just… forgot (that I was speaking)… So the night before and the morning of I was trying to “prepare” since I didn’t know what I was going to talk about or how I was going to cram it all into about 20 minutes of floor time. Of course that morning I was feeling extremely restless and I could not think clearly, not a good combo for trying to sit at a computer and write my notes and find pictures to display on the projector.

Even though I felt like it was really thrown together and even though I felt like I couldn’t think or speak clearly/smoothly that day I guess it still went well. I am sure I went in a few circles and that I left a bunch of important stuff out but still, it went OK. OK for not really preparing like I should have. The audience responded pretty well but next time I have to start preparing like a week in advanced at the least! It was not as easy this time to be a good speaker as I remember it being last time I was there.

Now, why did I disappear?.. As I said, I was feeling a little off that day, I am not sure why but my balance felt poor and my mind was not clear. After I spoke I got lunch with my mother, I decided “I think I want a burger” something I typically avoid because of the red meat. I seem to be doing OK with red meat lately so I am thinking “this” was a case of minor food poisoning because as soon as I finished my burger I felt sick. My stomachache has felt uneasy for the last few days (much gurgling noises) so I really regret eating that burger at this point, it was so not worth it.

What sucks is that I can’t just simply feel sick. When ever I get sick my MS acts up so on top of having to feel like crap from the food poisoning I have to feel like crap from my MS, it’s never one or the other, it’s always both. For the last few days I have felt somewhat dizzy when I move around and I guess I have just over all felt kind of weak. Last night (especially) my skin was kind of tender and it’s just great because it has been pretty warm which makes me fatigued so that made me feel really sick; tender skin, weak, and exhausted! I have just been wanting to lay down. I don’t want to move or even think! That’s it. I just want to lay down. Yesterday I slept most the day away and today I woke up feeling better but maybe I should have taken it a bit easier because I feel kind of out of whack again already. Maybe it’s the heat now that I think about it… I am not sure… It’s just been a bad last few days…

So I am not sure when I will be back on track but that’s a quick update…

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  1. Larry says:

    Matt is that you on the four wheeler?

  2. Yes it is, AFTER my DX as well, was making point that MS was not that bad when I was first DX'ed then in February 2012 I fell apart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is so great you were able to pull it all together for your talk. That's not easy to do, at the best of times.

    When you said you feel exhausted, want to lay down, don't want to move or even think! Well, that is exactly how I have been feeling.

    I still find it so strange, that even thinking seems hard to do at times.

    I know I have MS, but I continually think "what is wrong with me" why can't I think and even thinking about having a shower seems to be hard to do or think about. Hmmmmmm, I think I just want to lay down and watch TV…….

    But….I want to feel like going out and doing stuff that I don't do anymore, but its like my feet are stuck to the floor! It is weird and I don't like it!

    Having MS is hard on so many levels.

    Question for you……have you had any problems with your core temperature or have you heard about low temperature. Mine was 34.7C and I wonder what effect that has on symptoms of MS? (should be 37C)

  4. Haha funny you say that, I had to wash my hair last night but I just didn't want to shower!

    YES, I have had low body temperatures several times, down to about 35 as well. I am honestly not sure what it is or how common it is. I mean when you think about it, your brain has to maintain your temp so what ever controls that must be getting messed up, I am not sure. It always cleared up after about a day and with all the other things that go wrong I just never looked into it much….

  5. Larry says:

    I ride the four wheeler as much as I can. Have a Trail Boss 330

  6. I envy you then! I stuck to Honda most the time but I did have a 2003 Yamaha YZ250, when I had my motorcycle business I owned every major make and usually 250's to 600's. 1980 to 2008-ish So I have owned and rode it all haha!

  7. Larry says:

    Was thinking of a side by side. Four wheeler helps me!

  8. Yeah I did quads as well, TRX250, but I always liked the bikes, quads felt too "safe" haha but yeah, would never think about a bike now, maybe a quad one day, but probably not, it's fine back in the past for me

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