I Can’t Stop Sleeping

I just can’t get back on track… I have been so tired! I am sure it’s because it is warming up and that is increasing my fatigue. I just keep falling asleep, I am sleeping my days away, I hate it! Waste… So I have to learn how to better cope with this because I am getting nothing done, at all… I can’t do this all summer, I have stuff I need to do to move forward in life. I do plan on moving to Washington (probably Olympia) to live a better life in cooler weather, weather unlike California weather and closer to Dublin weather. The thing is I need money to make the move and start my life which means I need a job but in order to work a job I need it to not be hot. I need to move to be able to work and I need to work in order to move… I don’t want to wait 6 months to start this process so you can see my paradox here… I think I am going to need a night job because that’s when it is cooler outside…

I can’t write… I can’t think and my hands are not doing what I want them to do, very unsteady and jumpy… So I have to go for now. I will try again on Monday, we will see how tomorrow goes!

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Hi Matt
    It's ironic isn't it? One man's problem is another man's dream. What would I give if I could sleep 4 an entire day. I have had insomnia ever since I was little, I barely sleep for more than 3 hours a night, and because of that i'm very tired and exhausted during the day. Thank God I was able to finish college and get a job. Not to undermine your problem though, but I can't say I know much of that as I focused more on what would help me go to sleep instead of keep me awake. However, drinking coke has always contributed to my insomnia as it would keep me a wake and full of energy all night, which is y i stopped drinking it. I'm not advising u to do it though, not really a healthy solution, duh 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt,
    Great to hear Tysabri is working for you. I am in Australia, have MS.

    I know that everybody puts forward their own miracle cure, but I have discovered Dr Jelinek, who has collated a lot of solid evidence for a rebalancing of a huge number of conditions in life. The drugs are great to ward off the t-cells, but while its doing its job you can rebalance the immune responses your body is having. I went on a retreat with this guy, who had ms himself. I know that he wants to come to the US. There is a facebook page, which speaks of a "recovery plan". I know there are a lot of deleterous comments about him and every other miracle offerer. But I promise this is down- to- earth stuff, well researched, and he has begun to collect data from his retreats too. Just read his book, and try and meet him if he comes over- even use your money to come visit him. Since the retreat ms seems no longer like a black figure hanging over me.

    You can get his book for free- just the postage, which might be a little- here: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/

    Aaron. mathesonaaron@gmail.com

  3. Abdullah – you want to talk about irony haha? I get insomnia too. So I either can't sleep or can't stay awake: at random. So yeah, I have meds that can help but you have to take them ell before you find out that you need one or the other and then its too late!

    Anonymous – Well, I know what I need, cooler weather and less stress, that's it haha so once I move life will be great. But thanks!

  4. Heartshome says:

    I live north of Seattle, and most of the year it's nice and cool. For a few months of summer we might get 80 s or 90s, but that's about it.

    What kind of work are you looking for?

  5. Well you live to the east of the mountains where it is warm, and what kind of work? The kind that pays haha

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