Dentist and… Car Fuse…

Well I did not do too much today, just two things that took for ever. Actually three things but one was pretty quick.

First I went to the auto store to get a new fuse for the cigarette lighter so that I can charge my phone in the car. The lady who worked there had no idea what she was doing and could not even help me find the right fuse, “sorry…” she said. So I pulled out my phone and figured it out on my own since I did not have the user manual with the fuse box diagram. It’s OK, that’s why I drove all the way to the auto store, not for help, just for the mood and atmosphere of fixing a car. I got the fuse for a few bucks and replaced it in the parking lot. Now I can charge my phone. Easy. Thank you Google.

Next I went to the Pet Store and got 4 Neon Tetra because I good cleaned my fish tank the other day and found that my remaining snail was dead so the tank was rather empty… Since I do not want my girlfriend to come over in 12 days and think I have a fish tank full of pet rocks, I wanted to add some tank mates in with my Beta fish and African Dwarf Frog so I got the 4 Neon Tetras (since they are too fast for the Beta Fish to attack, so they say). They seem to fit in so far, we will see tomorrow…

Then at 11:00 I had a dentist appointment because that troublesome tooth replacement chipped again… Third time? They wanted to just add more resin but I said no because I am tired of coming in every two months to have it redone. I wanted something better or I wanted a refund. We ended up going with a crown (I set up a payment plan for that $900 cap thing) and that took for ever! Lots of molds! I just have a temporary right now and when the permanent is done I have to go back in to have that put on and then I hopefully won’t be dealing with this tooth crap anymore! I am still going to be extra careful with it but I did confirm that it is stronger than what I had before.

IDK why but now I am so tired! All I did was lay there but I guess it still wore me out… So I think I am just going to take it easy for the rest of the day and try not to nap even though I want to… Last night I got really fatigued out of nowhere and ended up falling asleep around 5:00pm. I woke up for dinner and knocked right back out… ZZZzzz

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