I Spoke at Loma Linda University Again

Hey! Sorry I am so behind, I will explain in a minute. First, the other day I spoke at Loma Linda University again about my story with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I actually knew about this like a month ago but with my memory issues, I just… forgot (that I was speaking)… So the night before and the morning of I was trying to “prepare” since I didn’t know what I was going to talk about or how I was going to cram it all into about 20 minutes of floor time. Of course that morning I was feeling extremely restless and I could not think clearly, not a good combo for trying to sit at a computer and write my notes and find pictures to display on the projector.

Even though I felt like it was really thrown together and even though I felt like I couldn’t think or speak clearly/smoothly that day I guess it still went well. I am sure I went in a few circles and that I left a bunch of important stuff out but still, it went OK. OK for not really preparing like I should have. The audience responded pretty well but next time I have to start preparing like a week in advanced at the least! It was not as easy this time to be a good speaker as I remember it being last time I was there.

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