The Hug and Sound Sensitivity

Kind of funny, I just wrote about the MS Hug and how I have not dealt with it in a while and today I noticed it starting to come about! Did my mind make it real? Well, actually, I have been kind of stressed lately, I am not sure why, but I have just felt “on edge”, things are just getting under my skin so of course my sound sensitivity (startle reflex) has been horrible. Every little sound is making me jump or waking me up at 3am… It’s been kind of miserable and right now my abdomen is so tight! It does not hurt like I remember it hurting before but that might just be because I am used to feeling uncomfortable after all this time with MS, I have been through so much worse pain since then, or maybe it’s just not as bad as before, who knows? I just know it’s really annoying because I feel so tight which makes every little movement feel difficult, it’s annoying! I really just want to lay down and not move at this point but I can’t do that because who knows how long this will last? Life does not pause for some MS symptom so it is what it is.

Besides, most my pain these last few days has been coming from my computer chair, it’s the cheapest one they had at the store, it offers NO back support, and because of how old it is? Well, it’s destroying my back. I need to buy a new one since I spend so much time on the computer (especially with blogging) but it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around spending $100 on a chair! A chair! I know I spend most my time sitting in it so I should invest in a decent one to protect my back but when I have so little money it’s just really hard… That $100 can go a long ways elsewhere! So I am going to try to survive one more month and not use this upcoming check to buy a new chair but the check after that. Wow, not only does my back hurt but my legs are hurting from sitting on this basic piece of wood with some fabric stretched over it, that’s how it feels at least! I bet with a new chair I’ll even write better since I won’t feel rushed by pain like I do now!

6 Responses to The Hug and Sound Sensitivity

  1. Unknown says:

    I am sorry about the sound sensitivity, but I have it terrible, and I was afraid to say anything to anyone.

  2. Yeah people don't understand that one, not as common, it's probably the number one thing that makes my life miserable now and no one gets it because you cant see it, ugh!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'd like to send you a press release about a book>film about a woman with MS. I can't seem to find a way to email you?

  4. Tambi Newton says:

    I started to watch your videos on YouTube and I have to say you are an inspiration. Even though you felt like crud you still posted to let us know your progress. I have been recently diagnosed with MS and Its been just over a month since the dignosis. I was starting to feel better then today I was hit with tremors and speach issues and vertigo again. Thankfully I have a wonderful neurologist who I can call on Monday if these symptoms persist. Thank You sooooooo much for your videos and your blog. Stay Strong and MS is BS!!!!!!

  5. Sorry to hear but glad you like your neurologist! That's half the battle! Glad you like what little videos I have up, I suck at being consistent with them…. haha

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