Stem Cell Fundraiser Money – Where Did It Go?

So, last year I was raising money for a stem cell treatment, I had an online fundraiser and everything! Though I did not reach my goal, I still raised a lot of money, $3,642.93 USD to be exact. Then I started Tysabri (after much striving) and it quickly became pretty clear that this was the medication for me! It did everything I hoped for and more!

But what about all the money I raised for stem cells? Where did that go? Well don’t worry, it’s still sitting there in my paypal account because if I move it to my bank account I will obviously go over the $2,000 cap they put on my account and cut off my SSI benefits!

I have been trying to determine what to do with this money ever since but I can never get a clear answer from those who donated. So, I intend to leave it there for any medical expenses (related to my MS) that may come up in the future. There is one thing I think I should use this for that is a bit different then an actual medical treatment cost, a cooling vest… I have wanted one for a while since I live in the desert but I have never bought one as they are kind of pricy. Since I am learning that heat and stress are my two major triggers, and since my health seems a tad more sensitive since my last relapse, I think it would be wise to better prepare for the summer this year so that the heat does not undo everything I have worked so hard to achieve. I am very worried I will relapse this summer…

The vest I want is currently $210.00 USD, you can see it by CLICKING HERE! It looks to be the best fitting, I did a lot of searching for a vest that would work well under clothing and this seems to be it, I need something tight to my skin to keep my core as cool as possible because most other vests are looser fitting and would let heat under the vest and would ultimately be a waste of money. Considering that I live in the desert, I want to invest in a better model.

So if you donated to my fundraiser, please post your thoughts on me using some money to invest in a cooling vest below in the comment section, I will try to set up a poll that you can cast your “yes” or “no” answer to in order to make it even easier! Thank you for taking the time to answer! I greatly appreciate it!

6 Responses to Stem Cell Fundraiser Money – Where Did It Go?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go ahead and buy it!!
    If you think it can improve your health I think it is a very good investment!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    That's how I feel but I just wanted to check with those who donated THEIR money you know?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, I did, at least a little…… and I think it´s OK
    Btw, something seems to be wrong with the poll.
    The votes are disappearing….??

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Well thank you, a little… haha jk, thank you, and hmmm, stupid poll…. I will check in a bit, i just woke up and cant hand tech stuff rught now haha

  5. Kit Minden says:

    Get the vest, then start again to raise the rest of the funds. Stem cell is getting less expensive and is even available in the US, in FL and CA.

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    I see no point in all that work when Tysabri has pretty much cured me, all I need to finish the job is to move somewhere cooler, Ill even be able to take Tysabri ever other month! That is NOTHING!

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