Focus! Write! Stop Feeling Restless! Cooling Vest!

Yesterday I explained how the previous night was a tragic night for getting some decent sleep in my life but last night (thankfully) things went a little more my way. I simply made sure to get off the computer and stop thinking too much a little while before I went to bed rather then jumping straight from my computer under my covers. I shut down my computer, I took a shower, tried to let my shoulder relax a bit (since it was still hurting), then I took my medication (including some Temazepam just in case), covered the TV, and lied down. Before I knew it I was fast asleep dreaming about who knows what, since my MS came to be it seems I have a much more difficult time recalling my dreams.

Today I woke up to find that my shoulder didn’t seem to hurt much but I can still tell that I still need to take it easy so I guess I have to take another day off from my 400 pound dead lifting sessions. Darn… I did feel a tad stressed when I awoke though, my noise sensitivity has been acting up so all last night I was distracted by every little noise and this morning I woke up to the sound of people getting ready for work and school. If we owned this house I would buy a solid door for my bedroom so I could toss this hollow particle board (or what ever crap-material they use in modern homes now days) door in the trash but since we rent I suppose I might have to try insulating the seems of my door with some sort of foam tape? We will see, point is, the noise is getting to me again, on an emotional level, I swear…

As you may have noticed I have really been working on my blog the last few days. I always think “oh I should write about that” so I make a note of it and never do anything more than that but the other day I got fed up with me sitting around killing time and decided I am just going to treat my blog like a job. I have so far done a few articles on symptoms like paraesthesia, diplopia, optic neuritis, spasticity, and drop foot. I have many more to go but it’s a well overdue start to my symptom page. Today I wanted to start working on something that was not just about symptoms and technical stuff but I am having such a hard time focusing! So I am just going to go nice and slow and see what happens… Now that I am making this somewhat routine again I am feeling much better about myself and my time management I have to say.

That reminds me, it was hard to focus, so I though “OK maybe I just need to move around, I should go for a walk”. FAIL. Yesterday was nice and cool but today it was already hot and sunny pretty early in the morning! I love living in the desert with MS especially when this is not even hot yet! Instead I did some laundry and started working on preparing the ice packs for my new cooling vest. I had to let them soak up some water and find a spot for them in the freezer. I so hope this helps, I just want to feel like I can go for a quick walk even if it’s 75-80 degrees (Fahrenheit) out, is that too much to ask? Getting some “house work” done made me feel a little less restless but I can already feel it coming back, I hate it! I just want to run a mile or two, move my legs, something!

One thought on “Focus! Write! Stop Feeling Restless! Cooling Vest!

  • April 24, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Cooling vests… That's something we looked into too, but it seemed like they were a bit too pricey for our budget. I know that there is an organization that offers them up to MS patients [with confirmed MS diagnosis] for free during certain months of the year. I think we may need to go that route. Heat sensitivity is a major problem because of symptom aggrevation


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