Foot Drop – Dragging Toes When Walking

In Multiple Sclerosis foot=&0=& Basically what happens in MS particularly is a partial paralysis of the muscle that lifts the front of the foot (toes)=&1=& Well for one, the obvious,=&2=& A simple solution is an =&3=&nkle =&4=&oot =&5=&rthosis (AFO) [more simply known as a foot brace] which can be worn to help keep the toes lifted up therefore preventing them from “dropping” and dragging on the floor. This simply goes under your foot and behind your leg (Imagine an “L” shape) and is placed inside your shoe and under your pant leg (if you really want to hide it that is). This keeps your toes from being able to drop downward and is what I used to wear when I had foot drop.  They also can put a rubber fitting on the bottom of your shoe so that when it does drop downward it will slide across the floor rather than the floor causing you to trip… Before I had this added to my shoe we simply taped either a piece of paper or thin piece of flexible plastic to the tip of my shoe and it worked just the same, it was just a hassle to tape it on every time I needed it! Some people say physical therapy can help strengthen your ability to take a proper step which I totally agree with as I did much physical therapy and it helped! As they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”! For more permanent foot drop that persists there are small electronic devices (such as the WalkAid) that straps to your leg an delivers a small electrical signal (using AA batteries and two small electrodes) to your muscle to help stimulate it (causing your muscle to contract) as you walk which helps you lift your toes as you take a step.

My Experience

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