Monthly Archives: March 2013

I Made It To Ireland! (Ireland 1)

I am in Ireland! It was a long flight and now I am not so sure I am
such a fan of airports but after a smooth 2 flights here (I
stopped in Amsterdam) I am finally here! Right off the bat the
most noticeable aspect of Ireland is the weather! PERFECT! I
love it! It’s been around 39F (+/-) or 3C (+/-) and it feels great, I
don’t feel like I am slowly dying since I am used to about
90-110F (32-43C)!

I Will Be in Dubin (Ireland)

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not been posting, I have been so busy! I had to finish up some photos from the wedding I just shot and work on so much stuff to get ready to leave to Ireland! I am 99.9% packed except for a few things I need before I leave (like some medication and my glasses) and tomorrow I will be heading to my uncle’s house near LAX. I will spend the night there and we will leave the next day to the airport and I will finally be off! My layover is in Amsterdam and from there I fly to Dublin! I can’t wait! So I will post in Ireland for sure but I am not sure when. I will definitely be posting pictures (and maybe video) of my trip as well so keep an eye out! Later!

What I Used To Do Before MS

As I mentioned the other day, I was at the mall for a bit, well, a while, I decided to see a movie: A Good Day to Die Hard, which was apparently yesterday, because that movie was lame. They really just wanted to put a lid on that saga I think. Anyways, that is besides the point, after the movie I had some time to kill before my bus came so I decided to check out the mall and everything that has changed over the last couple years. I knew they added a bowling alley in attempt to drive more of our city’s youth into that sad excuse for a mall but I had never checked it out as it was put in after I became “disabled”. I decided I would check it out and yeah, it is a pretty nice alley, oh, for those of you who do not know, I was an “avid” bowler before MS, the last score sheet in my bag reads 250, almost all strikes and what was not a strike was a spare. (300 is a perfect game, ALL strikes)