What I Used To Do Before MS

As I mentioned the other day, I was at the mall for a bit, well, a while, I decided to see a movie: A Good Day to Die Hard, which was apparently yesterday, because that movie was lame. They really just wanted to put a lid on that saga I think. Anyways, that is besides the point, after the movie I had some time to kill before my bus came so I decided to check out the mall and everything that has changed over the last couple years. I knew they added a bowling alley in attempt to drive more of our city’s youth into that sad excuse for a mall but I had never checked it out as it was put in after I became “disabled”. I decided I would check it out and yeah, it is a pretty nice alley, oh, for those of you who do not know, I was an “avid” bowler before MS, the last score sheet in my bag reads 250, almost all strikes and what was not a strike was a spare. (300 is a perfect game, ALL strikes)

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