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Video: Matts MS – Matt is In Ireland and Feels Great!

My MS & Heat Intolerance – Stress

Hyperekplexia in Multiple Sclerosis (Myoclonus)

This is basically referring to that sensitive startle reflex / sound sensitivity issue that I brought up a while ago. Yes, it’s one of the worst symptoms I have that makes everyday life miserable but I have not mentioned it much because I was looking for some kind of confirmation that this is MS related and now I have it! It has to do with damage to the autonomic nervous system but I am still working on research, so I can be 100% sure of anything I say, but it’s not easy to find much on the subject because it does not seem to be that common but for now, read this!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Ireland 2)

Yes, I am alive! I know it’s hard to believe that someone from the LA/Inland Empire area could survive in Dublin but so far so good (knock on wood hahahaha). But OK, seriously, I am really enjoying myself, I love it, and saying I love it? Understatement… Gabi and I watched the parade in Dublin yesterday, the heart of Saint Patrick’s Day! It was not as crowded as I thought it would be but maybe I am used to overcrowded parades back home, besides, being stuck in a crowd is not so bad in the cold as it is in the heat. Oh yeah, it was raining on and off, the weather was of course staying true to it’s Irish traditions haha. Since the last time I posted we also went to visit a castle near the beach (In Malahide I think?) but it was 12 Euro ($15.55 USD) to get in, so…. yeah…. not worth it….. We stepped inside and that was enough, the outside was cooler anyways! We also went to the park and fed some deer (one of which we named Georgia) haha so more of those pictures will come soon. It’s so hard to keep up with it all! By the way, sorry for not getting back to your comments, as I said, it’s kind of hard to keep up haha….